Sunday, March 26, 2023


Sit a while with a cup-o-tea, coffee or favorite libation and let's peruse some old rugs.  No date for this basket of flowers but it measures 20 x 36 and hooked with cotton knits on burlap.
This is the backside and the colors don't seem to have faded much but must have been in a heavily used area for the edges to get so frayed.  But burlap does get brittle and dry.
Three birds and girl in bonnet in back.   It is Canadian hooked mid 20th century, cotton on burlap.  It is from the Marty Osler collection and measures 22 x 36.
Here's the back side of the rug.  If anyone is interested it is still up for auction.
A cat sitting with a ball of yarn measures 23 x 31 and said to be hooked early 20th century.
I wonder if that was the inspiration for the hooked rug which used to hang on Barb Carroll's wall at her Ligonier estate?  And then maybe not.
I found this Barbara E. Merry rug of a farm with hay wagon in January but never posted it until now.  Dimensions are 32 x 39.5.
A view of part of the back.
Another Barbara Merry rug is this sap gathering rug.
Here's a quirky rug which,  had I not already designed and hooked a rug for my son's game room, this would have been fun to do for him.  Bears drinking said to be circa 1890 on the auction site.  Dimensions are 24 x 44.
In case you're wondering, here is what my son's rug looks like.  
An early PEI hooked rug with central floral and brick look background.  Measures 30 x 48.
A galloping rider-less horse dated late 19th to early 20th century.  Measures 29 x 52.
Hmmm, guess my post isn't complete unless there's a canine in the show too.  Two dogs hooked late 19th-early 20th century.  Has mixed fabrics and measures 18 x 35.  Sorry the rug and or photo is so poor.
Have a good evening and happy hooking.




  1. Shoot, I was almost don commenting and took another look up close and lost my comment.
    I find it interesting how the floral rug with the basket is finished by turning the burlap backing and no whipping. The colors are well preserved.
    I love those two Barbara farming and country scene. I see that she finished the edges by sewing a binding tape only and no whipping either. She must have dyed her own wool. I love the colors.
    I think your son would have preferred the rug you hooked for him. He might like the bear one as a second rug. The horse rug is not bad at all. I'd like to see how you'd do it.

    Thanks for another fine rug show.

  2. So love that galloping horse one...boy it seems I am I am getting mote fonder of horse rugs lately. You did an amazing ob on your dons rug! Way to go mom! Janice

  3. The birds and houses is sweet!
    All are fun andinteresting, ,,,
    Thanks again,,,

  4. Not that I would ever hook it, but that bear rug is great fun!

  5. Those rugs are all pretty big too ! Merry Berry's rugs are beautiful ....think the Bears are fun , my Mother was bear collector , would have been perfect for her ! When we would be all together with my Mother & Father we all enjoyed a few beers !!!


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