Sunday, March 12, 2023

Vintage Rugs to Enjoy

Found several rugs up for auction the last few days; seems it's either feast or famine.  Up for auction once again is Magdalena's Black Dog circa 1885.  Size is 35.5 x 45.5 with the starting price at $1,500.  So if you are wanting to replicate the rug, here are the colors which are probably faded.  No view of the back was provided since it is on a frame.  
A beautiful floral yarn sewn shirred rug measuring 29.5 x 62.   
For the feline folks here is a cat with hit and miss border.  Said to be made 1900 and measuring 48 x 58.
I really really like this geometric, again from 1900.  The design and colors appeal to me, it measures 18 x 36.5.   I think would be a suitable hook along idea at some point.  Should go quick with hand torn or real wide cut using selvage edges, worms.
I haven't figured out this rabbit and forest rug yet.  Obviously the rabbit is on snow.  But it looks strange to me... so is this to be a view from a porch or from inside the house thru a window?  Why not have the snow as the ground and eliminate those rectangles on each end?  It measures 28 x 44.
Look at this gorgeous yarn stitched Horse rug.  Said to be made early 20th century and measures 22 x 39.
Just look at this detail, my fingers hurt just imagining the delicate work  done to make  it.  Give me a Hartman hook and wide cut wool anytime; but it is a beauty.
It's difficult to define the shape of the deer but I like this. No date or dimensions.
Peacocks are beautiful birds but I've never had the urge to hook a rug with that image.  Unless of course it was a grungy primitive and not this prissy style.  But for those of you who like tidy, clean and crisp  ~ not there'
s anything wrong with that, its just not me.  Double Peacocks measuring 29 x 46.
I have to post this wonderful antique rug Kimm (Sheep Under Feet) wrote about on one of her blog posts.  She had the pleasure and honor of seeing some antique rugs up close.  This one intrigued me as she said the cream color was hooked with corn husks.  CORN HUSKS!   Unbelievable and guess that proves back in the day they did have to make do.  I'll bet it crunched under the weight of a foot tho.

I do understand the concept of using corn husks because I've done basket weaving, put the reeds in water to soften and make them pliable for bending.  But have never had the pleasure to see a rug like that.  Thank you Kimm for the post.
My sleep and eating pattern will be a little off for a few days since the setting clocks forward an hour.  I went to bed a little later than normal hoping to make the adjustment easier.  Oh well, you'd think after all these years I'd have figured it all out.  Even when I had my boy Ben, he still wanted to go to bed and wake me up same time mind/body time for a few weeks after the changes.

Happy hooking.



  1. Great showing of rugs. There's a couple that I wouldn't mind hooking.

  2. I think I saved a smaller scaled version of the floral rug on Pinterest. It looked familiar to me. As always love seeing these older rugs! Janice

  3. That stitched horse is quite a nice piece. I wish they had showed the back.
    I wonder what kind of dye was used on that corn husk rug. It looked like the mice used a corner piece to line their nest. Thanks for the rug show again.

  4. Wow some beautiful rugs ! The Horse is just amazing all hand stitched !!! The pretty old rug Kim posted is so pretty , love the old faded colors , but can't imagine using corn husks !!! These are all pretty !!!

  5. The basket in the yarn sewn floral would make a great rug.
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that geometric!!!

  6. I know how much I loved the color from beet skin, I think that color from corn husks is beautiful. I do love that rug. I always love that first rug by Magdalena.
    I always enjoy the rug shows.


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