Sunday, March 19, 2023

Rug Show

After two days since my last post you guys are getting antsy for another post from me.  First up is Gen. George Washington and Horse with his Mt. Vernon home and cherry tree at the bottom.
A sizeable undertaking for some rug hooker is this geometric on burlap;  and here I am regretting drawing my present project 32 x 35.5.  The geometric is said to be hooked between 1880-1920 it measure's 52 x 122.5.
The hunter and dog are immediately noticeable but the moose takes a few second to identify only after being mentioned.  Dimensions are 19.5 x 36.5 and hooked late 19th or early 20th century.   
For Janice's bunny fix is a Mennonite rug dated 1884 and being handled carefully with gloves.
A close up of the hit and miss detail.
This next one made me chuckle ~ a baby being pulled by a cat chasing a mouse.  Reported to be circa 1900 measuring 19 x 44.  Can't imagine a house cat being strong enough to pull a baby.  It was still up for auction last I looked.
Another idea for a de-worming project is this geometric squares pattern,  no age or size was mention on the auction.
A trotting horse with hit and miss circles border, no date or dimensions were provided.
Talk about camouflage, look at this cat and mouse rug, you have to stare at it to find the outline of the cat.  Dimensions are 20.5 x 31 and hooked late 19th century.  No picture of the back was provided to see if there was a lot of fading on the front.
I hooked an adaptation of that antique design back in 2004 and sold it for $600 as 
a divorce was eminent and figured I'd better sell it to save money.  Can't recall the dimensions and sorry the photo is so poor,  photo was taken in sunlight on the back deck.  I don't do sunlight anymore as none turned out well.  You can see my former initials of SS at the bottom.
Weather was rather chilly today but sunny.  Haven't listened to the forecast for tomorrow but it will still not feel like spring I'm sure.  Guess it is better than some of you folks are experiencing.  Hey, we'll all get there sooner or later but spring will happen.

Guess I'd better get back to my humongous (to me) pattern or I'll never  have an update for you.



  1. Love the rug you sold. You always fond the best examples of antique rugs

  2. I like your adaption of the cat in the last picture with a nice border. It's very eye catching...The colors gives it some character as opposed to normal colors.
    I also like the moose hunting scene and Gen. George Washington rugs.
    Thanks again for sharing those antique rugs.

    Today, I put some wool to soak to dye and over dye for my new rug. I may do what you do and draw another design to have something to hook that doesn't wear my brain too much.

    I haven't even decided on how it will look but I need to use some of my worms.

  3. The George Washington rug looks very interesting. I'm hoping to get my hook busy soon. You and Lauren just hook and hook and hook. I'm like Julia and need to use up some worms. Well really, lots of worms.

  4. Oh...I absolutely LOVE that bunny rug!! And it looks like it was some pretty impressive hooking. I also love your kitty rug. Too bad you had to part with it. Maybe you should hook it again?? We are sunny and mild today...and the winds aren't too horrendous so it is pleasant. Not pleasant enough to melt that white s#@t, but still appreciated. More snow tomorrow. Gah. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  5. $600 in 2004. Good for you. That is $955 in today's dollars.
    Once again...thanks for the show.

  6. Thank you! I always enjoy your emails.

  7. Thanks for the bunny fix! That seems like a good chunk of money for your rug at that time. Too bad you had to sell it though. Maybe you can hook another one again sometime. Thanks for showing off more amazing rugs. Janice

  8. Thanks for awesome show,,,,
    Love the huge geometric,,,,wow,,,,
    Snow still here,,slow nesting,,,and more coming on Weekend,,,grrrr,
    Have good day,

  9. Was a Beautiful Sunny Day here & hit 60 degrees !!!!
    Love your rug shows ! That geometric is Huge !!!! That is great you got a good price for your nice rug ! Think you should hook it again too !
    Not sure what i will hook next .....


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