Tuesday, January 30, 2024


Hope you enjoy the show and inspires you to brush the dust off your hook.  The last group of rugs had many hooked horses so I'll start with this one ~  Blue eyed horse hooked 1900 with blotchy background (32 x 42).
Wondering where the blue eyes are, you can see it more clearly in the picture of the back of the rug.  Also those blotchy backgrounds occur with fading as you can tell it looks mostly very dark in the original colors shown from the back view.
A straighted background with horses, hearts and stars.  No date was provided but it looks of legal age to me and measures 32 x 46.
A sweet rug but in need of repair is the roosters rug with block style border.  Starting bid was $15 and someone saw something special in it and bid.  Am sure they will do what they can to salvage it.
Here is a view of the back.
An early hooked rug of a building and faintly visible trees in the background.  Sure wish the auction houses would give a suspected dateline of all rugs but perhaps they avoid that so people will contact them.  
February and Valentines Day will be here soon.  Wish I was in the mood to hook this antique but at the moment it doesn't make my wheels spin.  This antique hearts rug measures 41 x 34 dated 1875 and from New York State.   
Is the central design below a giant s
nowflake or conjoined scrolls?  Dated between 1910-20 but no dimensions provided.
Another horse rug but with leaves and checkerboard background.  Dimensions of 39 x 39.5 but no date.  Appears to have a large repair spot on the horse.
Described as "a wild cat" the rug was found in Ontario, measures 29.5 x 40.5 and said to be hooked early 20th century.
Happy hooking.



  1. You find the best old rugs. I've reproduced several of ones you've showed in the past. I really like the heart rug, but I'd probably use more browns and tans. That's just my color preference.

  2. It is fun to see how the colors fade in the old rugs and looks so neat . And we try to duplicate that ! I have always like the Blue house and the heart rug ....fun rug show !!!

  3. The wild cat would give me nightmares. Nice design though, in a funny way. The roosters with a new boarder will be gorgeous. Nice group.
    I have a hook and yarn on my list when I get to the craft store.

  4. That first horse rug is a winner, and the heart rug has always been a favorite of mine! Maybe one day...

  5. Oooo...I really, really, like that first one...How differently it looks front to back. I like both...but would probably do it with the horse like the original (unfaded version) and the rest of it in the faded version. The building one looks like it is ensconced in fog. Maybe it's just the weather we've been having that makes me think that. ~Robin~

    1. PS..that "wild" cat cracks me up. Looks like he got into some moonshine.

  6. I like that checkerboard horse even with the repair and the house with faded trees. There’s something dear about that one. And I agree with Sue. You do find great ones to share.
    Lady Locust

  7. First horse wins my vote. The front version. The wild cat made me dizzy looking at it. Janice

  8. beautiful horse rug, {1st one} front and back! although I do love the simplicity of the house, and then there's so many possibilities with the heart rug too.
    love your rug shows!


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