Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hooker's Smorgasborg

Just 10 days and I'll be leaving for another delightful rug camp with Lucille Festa in Ocean City, MD. For those of you who are going to Sauder, oops, meant Shelbourne, there will be a booth there manned by her husband so you can still get her patterns, wool, etc. so have no fear.  You won't see Lucille herself but can purchase what you wish or order from her hubby at her booth.  You could also click on Lucille's name above which will take you to her web site if you'd like to order something and have it at the booth in Sauder.

Okay, I've been busy with pulling wool for Lucille's class and planned to take a picture of my bounty but I'm not done and the room is a mess.  UH, the room is going to get even more messy I'm afraid so decided to not take a picture of that yet.

Any who, here is what my Wee Folk is looking like right now.  And this is what I will work on until Lucille gets to me for color planning my rug.  As you can see there is still lots to work on so it won't be an issue for me to hook on this baby for a while.
And, I've got friends in high places...well high places for a 'hooker'.  A friend who I have relied on for advice both personal and rug related, she is always there to help and willing to share is my friend Lynne Fowler of Artist in Residence.  She and others will join in to share the teaching and offering of hooking related items.  So check it out.

And Sauder Village for 2013 is available already.  So click the link to see what is planned and get an early start to your scheduling that special time away.  Unfortunately I've never been there but sure do want to share in the fun and rug shows I hear and read about.  

Happy November 1 and soon it will be time to turn the clocks back.  OMG, my big boy Rottie Ben wants to get me out of bed now at 5:30 a.m. when it is still dark outside.  And that will soon be a 4:30 a.m. time and not sure he will transition well.    But one thing I know is that I will NOT go out in 'dark O'clock' to walk a dog not knowing if there are potentially harmful critters.  Mama dog is gonna get control of the boy real quick and bark out a "NO" when he comes whining and pawing the bed.  Problem is that once he's awakened me I cannot switch back to sleep mode.  Then I just normally get up after maybe 15 minutes or so.

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  1. How Fun!!!What a interesting life you have Saundra,Cheri

  2. It is really coming along nicely!
    Ben rules!!
    Maybe you can train him to compromise! esp. early in the morning!

  3. *****sauder is mountain will be the next big happening.

  4. Wish you could talk Lucille into starting a blog - it would be a good one, I'm sure! Have fun!


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