Monday, July 8, 2013

A Few Loops Hooked and a Few Loops Re-Hooked

Back again with an update on Westmoreland Ponies.  In a previous post upon beginning the rug mentioned it was designed by Barb Carroll of Woolley Fox.  So I wrote to Barb asking about it's name.  Barb said she chose some of her favorite elements from antique rugs (scrolls, leaves and hearts), she likes the horse form and lives in Westmoreland County.  So there you have it.

You will see some new fresh loops pulled but also some RE-hooking.  I temporarily changed the outline color on the bottom right leaf (previous post) to see if I liked the darker outline.  But it seemed to be a bit much to the eye with the light/dark contrast.  Also changed the right saddle color from the other light green (from an over dyed brown/orange) to the same wool as the saddle on the left, EXCEPT I chose the textured part which had more blue than red.  So now both saddles have the same intensity (thank you Lynne, yes using your name in vain again).
So now just have to 'keep on going on' until this rug is finished.  Thursday I will be spending at least an hour or longer at the car dealership to have a transmission problem dealt with on my van, so I'll use that time to finish binding Henny Penny.  Next task will be to bind Westmoreland Ponies when it is done.

Have a great week folks.  Seems that just after having two weeks of rain and a couple days of good weather, this area is about to have the rest of the week in rain again.  At least I was able to cut my grass on Saturday during the break.  Meanwhile the mosquito population is rising again.



  1. Lots of rain in Ohio, too. Took a 1.5 hour trip this eve and I feel so bad for the farmers. Some fields were partially under water and lots more rain came tonight.
    WP is lookin' good!
    Hugs :)

  2. Love how this is coming along.
    The crest above the horses is looking nice !


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