Monday, July 15, 2013

Rugs on the Floor

Many hookers are afraid to put their rugs on the floor and there are those rugs which shouldn't go on the floor.  Frankly I think it gives the rugs character when they have been weathered. 

Today I had to spend an hour at the dealership while the transmission computer module was installed in my van so decided to 'fix' the whipped edge of one of my floor rugs.

That rug would be Eat Crow designed by Ann Hallet and has been at my kitchen sink since 2003 -  Yup, 10 years.  And really the only side which needed repair was the right side since it is that side walked on more often to the areas in my kitchen used most.   Surely you want to see, huh?  Here is the before (taken without a flash) and the background was never green; notice how the wool whipped edge had separated and thinned on the right side?
And here is the after being repaired today..... and that background is the way it has always looked.  How and why did the color change happen?? Not sure if it is the flash, time of day, lights on or off in the room where photo is taken?  Anyway, I'm very happy this wonderful crow is ready to see more years.  Maybe not in front of my kitchen sink because after the show in Cape May think Oh Deer will replace this guy for a while.
Here are other rugs on my floor.  This one was also hooked in 2003 and has been at the front door since finishing it.  In all honesty this one was hooked before Eat Crow and was my very first ever rug camp rug.  I'd only planned to attend ONE rug camp because of the cost and wanted to learn wide cut shading and have a rug at my front door ~ an all in one class. But then I was HOOKED!!!!!

That first rug camp rug picture taken today which has been there also 10 years.  It is a Charco design #1105 Heritage.   This rug has many a foot walked on it coming from snow, rain, etc.  And this is how it looks today.  Yes I need to vacuum and you can see how I would rather hook than clean.  But you can also see it is OKAY to walk on rugs. 
Well since rug camp was so much fun my attendance at rug camps increased.  Here is yet another rug walked on often and once thru the living room into the kitchen you would walk on this delightful welcoming Flowers and Pineapple design by Bev Conway.
Oh yes and when you didn't think it would get any better (worse?) there is still another rug in my kitchen area.  This is another Bev Conway design which I think is called Chickens on Eggs which I loved;  but envisioned chickens on hay.  So we made creative changes and she guided me thru that process at camp.  
Now you can see rugs really are durable on the floor.  Wool rugs are especially resilient hooked on a proper foundation.  My preference for foundation is LINEN.  Since I hook with a wide cut the natural primitive linen is what suits me best. 

Should you  newbies have a question please feel free to write and ask a question.  Just remember that I was a newbie once and while I may not know all the answers, it is probably a problem I've had a few times myself.  I'm definitely NOT a know-it-all.  I'm here if you need help.

Have a great evening and thanks for visiting. 



  1. I always worried about putting my precious rugs on the floor until I went to Barbara Carroll's ~ her rugs are everywhere and certainly have lots of traffic!! I throw my rugs in the dryer after a good shaking over the deck railing ~ It get the dust and wool dust out and gives them a fluff!!

  2. That is so encouraging. I was hooking yesterday trying to get my loops even and thinking about if I ever get to go to a rug camp so I will just ask you. :) Thanks. I have put my rugs on the floor then I take them up again.
    Your rugs are very pretty and it is amazing how good they look after 10 years. I think this is my second year of really hooking seriously. So there is hope for me. :)

  3. Where do you purchase your primitive linen for your rugs?

  4. How very fun your "chickens on hay" are ! They each have a personality...especially the one looking straight on !

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