Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little This, Little That 'n That

In other words some on the binding of a rug, some on the hooking of a Jack and going forward on the Jack. 

As you can see in this picture the very same wonderful variegated yarn which was used to whip the edges of the Oh Deer (a previous blog post) is the same yarn being used to bind Westmoreland Ponies.  Look how great the colors blend with the last row hooked.  You can see the skein of yarn above my hand.
And here is what has been hooked on the Jack design so far.  This was the free pattern insert in an older issue of Rug Hooking magazine written about in a previous post and was a design by Barb Carroll.
In FULL DISCLOSURE..... the lines are drawn on the straight of grain. The design looks a little funky in the picture at the bottom right side but believe me it is straight.

Naturally since I'm a color plan by the seat of my pants sorta girl decided to pull out some wool to see what I want to go where.  Hey, I figure  it is fall/Halloween so there has to be some green in there somewhere.  Since there is a bright to the top right corner figure there needs to be some balance to the bottom left so pulled out some wool to take a picture and evaluate my options.  
There are three stars in the design, not that I need all three or that I can't add more but am working within the confines of the design.  Well, except for the nose shape which I changed to the more traditional. 

Now I'll sleep on it, look at the pictures again and meanwhile will use this time to continue whipping the edge of the cotton binding to my rug.

Today's lower temps and lower humidity in Delaware was a blessed relief.  I managed to get the grass cut in Ben's playground done today with the push mower (riding mower can't go thru the gate).

Enjoy the evening for you working folks (I used to be one), just remember that TGTIF (thank GOD tomorrow is Friday).

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  1. you are always so busy I need to pick up my hook again.

  2. Tomorrow is also POETS day! Payday for me. Life is good :)

  3. I always enjoy what you are doing! Love seeing your progress!


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