Monday, July 1, 2013

Background Wool on Westmoreland Ponies

I've had a request from a blogger/hooker friend to see the wool I'm using for the background of Westmoreland Ponies.  But first, an update on the rug ~ not a whole lot more hooked but will bore you with another picture anyway.
Here is the background wool ~ First one is from a dye job I did on a texture using my favorite High Meadow Green recipe.  Second column on top is a grey/green I purchased from Kris Miller bottom wool is something I had from somewhere.  Third column are two wools purchased from Barb for the project but not enough to do the whole background because I figured I had additional here close enough to do the rest of the job....just wanted that as a 'go to' color.  And the fourth column is a wool that I purchased in 2010 from Rebecca Erb called either Tea Green or Green Tea. 
All of these wools are close enough in the grey/green color to work well together, yet give a little variance and indicate movement in the background.  I think I've got a wool for the crown or dome over the horses.  However, my Oh Deer must get out of my face and my living space so plan to finish binding it tonight.  That would leave one more rug to be bound which hasn't even been steamed..... Henny Penny.

Can you believe it is July?  Already?  And I'm so SICK of rain I could spit.  There is a pond behind my yard and into the woods and the mosquito's are multiplying faster than rabbits but Mosquito Control can't come spray because it has rained every day for the last week and will continue thru this week. 

Have a great evening everyone.  Now to make a salad to go with my homemade lima bean soup and finish binding Oh Deer.



  1. thanks for showing the wool. It helps to see it before it is hooked.

  2. I'm loving this as it comes together. I hate the bugs, they are miserable almost all day long.

  3. Thanks for sharing the wool! Much appreciated.
    It can't be July! Here in Ohio it feels like April today. Crazy weather.
    Hugs :)

  4. Your background wool is perfect.
    Different pieces with the same value.
    This will hook up lovely, subtle different textures.
    By the way - your lima bean soup sounds wonderful. ;)

  5. Hi Saundra,Last night I put on a Dvd and hooked away on my cabin rug. It felt great. I love your rug so pretty! HUgs Cheri


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