Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Have finally put this beauty to bed, so to speak.  It has been completely bound using Barb's technique in her book Secrets of Primitive Hooked Rugs and is placed in my kitchen in front of my sink. 
Yes, you read that right.... in front of my kitchen sink.  First, I'm careful but IF I were to spill something on it I'd immediately take care of that problem.  Besides, the wool has already been washed, right?  So soap and water can't hurt it.  Oh Deer will replace the Eat Crow rug which was hooked in 2003 and needs to have the edges whipped again.

Now there is still the Henny Penny (oh man do I adore that one too), it needs to be steamed, trimmed and bound.  But I'm still excited hooking Westmoreland Ponies so will work on that for a while longer.

And there is yet another thunder storm underway as I type and MORE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!! so will finish this and get off the computer.

Have a great evening.



  1. You're moving right along ~ very productive!! Wish I were!! Happy 4th to you!

  2. I'm too messy to put one of my rugs in front of the kitchen sink.

  3. So nice to know you are finished. I know I am so happy when one is finished then I can go on to another one without guilt. So much rain.

  4. Wonderful finish and I bet it looks great in front of your sink :)

  5. If we have to stand in front of a sink, might as well do it in style !
    Your rug looks beautiful, Saundra. ;)

  6. Really cool colors that blend very nicely!
    Great job!


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