Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rug Update and Tooting my Horn

I'm get closer to being done despite the yard work for this almost 8 acres.  No it is not a pristine, coiffed yard, it is all I can do to just keep the grass cut after all the rain, so not a lot of weed pulling, pruning and fluffing up. 

I think Westmoreland Ponies is coming along well and nearing the end.  In person the crown/crest appears darker, which is nice.  It will be ready to show in Cape May this September along with the other rugs completed since last year's show.
Okay, so tooting my horn.......  A week or so ago I received a nice inquiry from Mary Jane asking if I'd give permission for her to post a picture of my Domestic Zoo on her blog.  Well hey, of course she had my permission.  Mary Jane mentioned wanting to do some research on Magdalena Briner and wanted to show my rug and the availability of patterns. 

Then I mentioned research on Magdalena had already been done by Evelyn Lawrence and was in a book co-authored with Kathy Wright.  But believe me I was humbled and honored just being asked to be on the same blog by and with these women who I respect.

So for those of you who are new to hooking and love primitive, .....enjoy MaryJane's bog.

Thanks Mary Jane for thinking my adaptation of Domestic Zoo worthy of being mentioned on your blog.  And thanks to everyone who drops by.  Have a great evening and stay cool.



  1. Oh my goodness, Saundra ~
    I had NO idea you had acreage like that. I just thought you lived in a sub.
    Oh, you are so close on WP.
    I'm off to check Mary Jane's blog.
    Hugs :)

  2. *****mary jane is a very nice woman and very talented. i met her last fall at a hook-in and she
    featured me on her blogspot.

  3. That was a nice post and great for you to be in it, too!!! You are one fast hooker!!

  4. You are quite a prolific hooker. And I understand about trying to keep up your yard. If you only could fence some of it off and buy a goat or two. They do a great job of keeping the acres clean and poison ivy free. The last part is so helpful as you can get it off the dogs who run through it.
    Thanks for the link to Mary Jane's site. Nice posting.


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