Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo Editing Shadow

 After my blog post about a hooking a memorial rug for Cape May decided to post an inquiry on the Rughookers group.  I asked about what photo editing software would give me line drawing capabilities for free.  Dear Ann said her techie son was there and suggested I download computer came with a Windows Paint program but the paint-net is different.  This is the picture I chose of Shadow.
In that program under Effects I selected Artistic, and then pencil drawing.  This is the result:
And here is what I've done so far but must admit I'm getting a little
skeptical about my ability to draw the eyes properly and for that matter feel insecure about hooking it from my drawing.
Right now think I'll put the memorial rug on hold and work on Westmoreland Ponies; besides Cape May isn't until September.  It seems that my sharpie drawing is beginning to make my Shepherd mix dog look more like either a boxer or Pit Bull.

Anyway, thru my process I've been able to share the news out there for others who may wish to play with photographs to do a landscape or other photo editing.  Thanks again to Ann and give thanks from me to your techie son.



  1. Thanks for posting the link to that photo page. Like you, I want to hook a memory rug of my Corgi. This will be immensely helpful.
    With your pup a mix, you might have to add some lines to emphasis the Rottie background.



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