Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Since this project was recently started I've not much to show, so it does classify as a sneak peek.  And again, my enlargement size measures 14 x 19 and is from the free JACK pattern insert in the September/October 1997 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  It was designed by Barb Carroll. 
Another reason there isn't a whole lot accomplished is because of a little prep work for binding Westmoreland Ponies plus getting ready to make some rug labels for my rugs.  So far I've only gathered the information for maybe 8 rugs and will start with those.

Early in my hooking figured the date and my initials hooked into the rug was documentation enough of a record for me.  But after chatting with my friend Joan (a/k/a fishgirl) decided that I'd been remiss.   Joan is so organized that she numbers, documents and makes labels for every one of her hooked rugs.  Joan is one prolific hooker so I'd really like to know if she ever sleeps. 

I've often wondered just how many rugs I've hooked and have been asked that question by people.  My normal reply is, "a few dozen".  Heck, I have over a dozen displayed in my home on the walls, floor, table top, chairs, chests, have sold some, given some away and have some which are rolled up and hoping for a sale one day.  So think it is about time for me to start listing my rugs on a document.  I take pictures of all my rugs but some pictures may have been on the disks and not transferred to a CD or flash drive so many pictures of hooked pieces are missing I'm sure.

Out of curiosity I would love to hear if you keep a record of your hooked rugs in both picture form and documented?  In the event you don't wish to post a comment I have put a POLL at the top of the blog post for your convenience.  The info will be interesting to me and am sure others will find the numbers interesting as well.

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  1. Oh, the first few years I was so good, photographing every rug and mat, numbering them, labeling them, writing down the dimensions. I fell off the wagon a long time ago. Sure wish I had kept it up.
    I have so many rugs that need labels. Though it will be time consuming, thankfully I can get much of the information from old blog posts.
    Jack is lookin' good so far.
    Hugs :)

  2. Sorry I can't do the poll. I would have to answer all the above but only sometimes :)

  3. 90% of my rugs are labeled with the name of the design, designer, date and hooked by me. I didn't get this done on some early rugs. Plus, last year I logged and photographed each of my rugs and small mats. I was shocked that I had 70! This doesn't include the ones I gave away.

    Hugs, Kat

  4. I used to keep a book wich included a photo, details about the design and a picture of my label on the back of the rug, (I hand embroider my labels). But after a few years, I stopped. I do number my commissioned hooked rugs and still keep track of them.

    Your Jack-O-Lantern is off to a great start !

  5. You need to add "none of the above" to your poll.

    I have only done maybe 7 hooked projects but have not documented them in any way.

  6. Good for you, getting them identified. Lovin' the look of the pumpkin already!


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