Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Planning a Shadow Rug for Cape May

Cape May isn't until September but am in the planning stages of a design for class.  My sweet Shadow departed July 8, 2011 and now think I'm ready to hook her.  For some of you who have followed me for a while have already seen the profile of my departed Rotties hooked in a narrow cut and then a primitive wide I did of them right after.  With my girl Shadow I'm going straight to the wide cut profile.  Besides, I think she was that kinda girl anyway.... just like her mom.

So I've been looking thru some pictures of her and haven't made up my  mind yet.  Unfortunately she is not here to take more photos so I'm reduced to the ones I already have.  Some are too small or too dark so it will require some photo adjustment program to get something good to draw from.  However, here are some of my options.

This one seems to be the one with the most natural look in the eyes but the blasted picture is small and when enlarged it looks grainy and hard to determine the lines.
When speaking to Shadow she would twist and tilt her head as if she was intent on hearing every syllable and anticipating a task like, go to garage, go to feed fish, fill the bird feeders.  And after hearing the sentence would lead the way.  But when she tilted her head I would roar with laughter she was so dang cute.  Not good photos but here are some I tried to capture.  Unfortunately there is the eye flash back here.
Again the eye problem ~ both are cute pictures of her listening
There are also the profile pictures I have but not so sure they are very flattering.  However, profile might be easier to hook than frontal.
And then here is my girl facing me when I had a hook-in here at the house in April 2011, just 3 months prior to her departure.
Thanks for listening to my thought process of what to design for Cape May in September.  Hope you have a great evening and are staying cool; it is hot as hades here in Delaware.



  1. I would try the first pic. Maybe enlarge enough to where you can see the lines... and then enlarge the line drawing? I've never tried to hook a rug from a pic... so, this was just a thought.

  2. Awww. Sweet pics of a sweet girl.
    Hugs :)

  3. I love her pics, she was a true beauty. I like the first too, and the next to the last one. I'm not sure but the picmonkey photo edit or one of the other free editing programs had a red eye removal on them, it might be worth a google search to try, just a thought. Hope to see the process continue with Shadow and the rug, hugs!

  4. This will be a wonderful rug, Saundra. I personally adore the third picture. No matter which one you choose, it will be a lovely tirbute to her.

  5. It will be a nice rug. She looks like she was a dear friend to you. I have a Border Collie now and my heart just shrinks back inside to think of her ever having to go on. So I know how hard it would be to loose such a good friend. The hardest thing by far is loosing my animals. I can wait to see the design that you come up with. I liked your photos very much.


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