Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wanna See Progress on JACK?

I've still more to hook on Jack as you can see and have border color decisions to make.   I'm thinking of putting some green in the bottom right corner to offset the green star and green trim on hat.  In case you didn't noticed, I changed the hat stripe and if you scroll down to a previous post you will see what was there in the beginning.
There are two stars needing color and was thinking about red for the star in the background but the values will be too close for comfort.  So perhaps it will be the eye color of the grey green.  Uh, but that is too close for the moon and left corner colors.  EEK!

And was so dang frustrated when I came to the realization that the distance on the left of Jack to the border was more narrow than the right side.  Almost considered pulling it out.  But ya know what?  Just as I was about to pull the border line out decided against it. 

Here's why I decided against it.  Barb Carroll owns a design called Kinderhook Basket which I hooked in one of her classes.  Look at the design of this wonderful antique rug which hangs on Barb's wall.  The picture was taken from upstairs, thus the angle.  Notice how the hooker ran out of room; so she made her border the same but the flowers encroached into the border.  Ya gotta love it.  Well, I'm gonna love my Jack with his imperfections.  Besides, don't some men have imperfections?
This is the version of Kinderhook Basket which I hooked in Barb's class and proudly hangs on the wall behind me where I am right now.
I'm sure all the readers would enjoy seeing different color choices.  Yeah, I'm taking a chance they'd like yours more than mine, but so what.  I love seeing how different hookers choose colors for the same design.  It gets the juices flowing. Thanks for dropping by for a visit, sorry you couldn't stay long enough for an ice tea, water or glass of wine.  Would love to hear your ideas of color options and if any of you have started hooking this pattern from the Rug Hooking Magazine insert I'd LOVE for you to share and I'll post your progress on my blog too.  Just send me a picture to saundra125@comcast.netHave a great evening, stay cool.



  1. LOVE that Kinderhook pattern. It is on my hooking bucket list. I'd better hook until I'm 100!!! Your version is wonderful.
    I'd love to stop by for a glass (or two) of wine :)

  2. I also love seeing how every hooker uses color.


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