Thursday, July 11, 2013

Boring Binding Done at Last

What a better way is there to spend 2 hours sitting at a car dealership than using that time to bind a rug?  I hate binding rugs and if money grew on trees I'd hire someone to do it for me.  But it didn't seem all that boring at the time and even seemed like fun compared to sitting and watching Price is Right and the other game shows on their TV.  So Henny Penny is bound and I'm caught up..... for now.
The dimensions of the small Henny Penny was 15 x 20 (it comes in 2 sizes) but I took a little creative license and extended some of the elements to make it a bit bigger.  So mine now measures 15 x 23.  This was a fun, fun design to hook and can be found on Barb's Keeping the Past Alive page.

It was hooked in #8 and #8.5 wool strips.  The majority of the background is Irish Eyes sold by Heavens to Betsy.  Now, when you go check out her web site to see pictures of the wool, what you see on her site is NOT what that wonderful wool looks like in person.  It shows up as bright but it is a soft and mild green which is a little darker on one side and lighter on the other so makes a nice background.

And there were blobs of this n' that hooked as part of the background to attempt making it look old and give the appearance that 'she used what she had'.

Monday I need to go back to the dealership and have a part installed on my van, seems the computer is bad and that is why I'm having hard downshifts in my transmission.  In February the transmission computer module was reset but am having problems again, thus a new computer.  Since it is doubtful Westmoreland Ponies will be ready for binding by then perhaps I'll take the Eat Crow rug and re-whip the edges.

Have a great evening and thanks for dropping by.



  1. Yahoo a completely finished rug and so cute.

    Good way to use your time .

  2. I really hate going and taking my car to be fixed, so taking a rug is a great idea. Your rug is great and I will be checking out that background. I really like the color in the photo.

  3. Saundra ~
    I went to Betsy's website and it's hard to believe that is the wool you used! Congrats on being caught up for a couple days. Feels good, doesn't it? You are just the bestest hooker ever.
    Hugs :)

  4. Love your rug ~ I have it in my pattern stash! On my way to the car dealer ~ wish I had a rug to finish.! I do but think I'm going to make a pillow!!!

  5. Hi, Saundra,
    I just love your Henny Penny. I went to Barbs website and looked at the other hooked versions, and between you and me :) I like your rug the best. I know that binding does nothing to satisfy your creative side, but I am determined to bind right when I finish. I don't want to end up with the equivalent of samplers finished but just sitting unframed in drawers.



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