Saturday, July 27, 2013

Got Wool? Yes Sir, Yes Sir, 5 Pounds Full

Received my wool today from Heavens to Betsy.  She is having a wool remnant sale and of course I just couldn't resist at those prices.   It is always wonderful to have bits and pieces of different wool to try without having to buy even as little as half yard.  This is what came in the mail and dumped out before washing.  In the package was some wool I already purchased and are tried and true favorites so it is nice to have more of those.  But also received some wool which hasn't been previously purchased and I KNOW I'd like more of. 
This is what my wool looked like after washing.  Hey some pieces look like they will work wonderfully in my Jack rug on the frame now.  There were autumn colors, dark background, light background, some colors I envisioned flowers, snow, well let's just say it was a kaleidoscope frenzy in my mind.

And some wool will be great pieces to toss in a pot when I want to dye and need different wool using the same recipe.  OH, I've some great snow for a winter rug which won't be over dyed, but that natural white piece you see on top will go in the pot but not the two wools below.
OH!!!!, the top wool to the far left........ Evelyn said when she replicated Magdalena Briner's rug Domestic Zoo there was one leaf which had an off white and random red showing up and she couldn't find wool like it anywhere.   Since she knew I was hooking the rug, in the mail one day came a piece of that wool.  Evelyn said she found it at a hook-in and it was a gift for me to use for my Domestic Zoo.  If you look at my Domestic Zoo picture at the top of the blog perhaps you'll see that leaf. 

Betsy sends out flyers quarterly and the samples give you an idea of what the wool will look like.  Contact Heavens to Betsy if you wish to order the quarterly samples or take advantage of the remnant sale before all the remnants are gone. 

Tomorrow I'll post a picture of my Jack.  I've pulled some wool out and replaced..... might eventually pull more wool but also might just keep on going on to see if what I'm doing will work.   Sure wish I'd taken pictures before pulling and replacing so it would be easier to see which was best.  Oh well.

Finally got the tall grass cut before the heat and humidity AND rain come back. 

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your Saturday evening.



  1. Hi Saundra...I resisted looking at her email about the remnant sale...but once I saw yours I had to order my own 5 pound package...Thanks!always fun to get wool in the mail...even if time to hook is scarce...

  2. Hi,
    I love reading your blog! Betsy and Eric have wonderful wool. I totally forgot about the Jack pattern you are hooking. I need to look through all those patterns, soon.

    Beth Anne


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