Monday, July 29, 2013

My Hooking Projects and Penny Rug

The other day I commented about keeping records of rugs we hook by  hooking date and initials in the rug, making labels, taking photos, etc.  One of my followers (thank you Kat) said she also kept a paper trail of her rugs and was surprised to learn she had hooked 70.  Oh boy did that give me the incentive to find out just how many I'd hooked. 

Unfortunately there were rugs I hooked which were never photographed.  And then there were some pictures put of a diskette which I can no longer use on my computer.  Some older hooked pieces were on a CD which I was able to transfer to a flash drive today.  Sadly it still remains there are no pictures of some.

So, did the next best think and looked thru my house, the ones I have for sale, as well as the ones I display.  But then went thru my records of what I sold and struggled to remember those which I'd given as gifts. 

Now, what constitutes a RUG?  Does a mat classify as a rug?  If so, those were included in my numbers.  Much to my surprise I came up with a total of 84 rugs and mats that I've hooked since 2001.  In addition I've hooked 35 purses and most of those have sold.  I still have a few left but still think that is a remarkable amount of hooking.
While searching thru photos it was also fun to see the rugs I'd forgotten that I'd hooked or penny rugs made since they sold.  And while looking thru the Cd's found this Penny Rug I made and sold.  It was a design by Fredericksburg Rugs and think it was called Circles and Stars.
And also hooked a Penny Rug Purse which sold; wow, this was early in my beginning hooking years too so surprised I found the photo and had forgotten I'd hooked it.  It was fun thumbing thru photo history of my hooking and will continue logging the information forward.   I'd expect there are still projects made but the visual info lost. 
Perhaps this will inspire each of you to keep a paper or photo trail of your pieces.  Thanks for dropping by.



  1. I only have a few projects completed, but have photographed everything and will some day make a scrapbook. :-)

  2. that sure is a lot of hooking!
    so glad you could account for that many, it's very impressive!

  3. Wasn't that a great trip down memory lane? I counted mats in my 70 too. Happy hooking.....


  4. Amazing ! I'll bet it took you down memory lane !
    Love the purse and who can resist Penny Rugs ?! ;)


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