Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Binding Another Rug, Yippee

As I've proclaimed many times, binding rugs is not my favorite thing to do but a necessity if you want to display the rug or sell it.  Now there are two left to bind ~ the Santa and Deer adaptation and the Granny Geometric. 

It is the Santa getting the attention now.  I am using a wide cotton binding which is sold by NC Carpet and a product Polly Minick told me about.  This time I cut the binding in 4 sections and stitched on each end.  In a post a while ago, the wide binding tape was attached differently.  You can check out what I did before by clicking HERE.  Oh dear, I see that Santa needs a little spark in his eye and/or a dab of black as his eyes are too washed out.  Totally forgot until I looked at this photo.
This time I was lazy and didn't bother hand stitching close to the rug edge; instead I machine stitched it using my zipper foot and did this after the rug was hooked.  Here is a close up photo.
And I will mitre the corners and stitch down.  
This wide tape has lots of uses and could be used as a great sleeve for hanging rugs too.  I'm considering buying another roll of another color and perhaps a bit smaller.  Sometimes I feel the 1 1/4" binding tape isn't quite wide enough.

Tomorrow I'll have an updated picture of the Cat rug to share with you.

Folks, it feels like fall out there instead of spring ~ it is dreary, chilly, rainy and the heat is coming on.  Wish it was warmer but at least it isn't snowing.

Have a great evening.



  1. Saundra, this tape is great!! I always felt the 1 1/4" tape was not wide enough.
    Did you use the Espresso color?
    Great way to bind using four pieces!
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Saundra,
    I, too, think 1 1/4" isn't wide enough and that's why I've been binding many of my rugs with strips of wool fabric, but if on the floor are not in a high traffic area.
    Funny...today started out rainy and chilly and we ended up in the low 70's. Probably our warmest day so far. You will probably get it tomorrow. At least it's not snow like Cathy and Lori are getting in Wisconsin!
    Hugs :)

  3. Thanks so much for the tip. I have one to finish also. It started out gorgeous here today with bright sunshine , but that soon left & a cloudy day was in.


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