Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Circle Rug using just Woolie Worms

A few posts ago I showed pictures of various circle or penny rugs, and  a small mat I started using my woolie worms.  Today my friend Lynne shared a picture of her almost completed 5' x 5' circle rug hooked using ONLY her worms. She is working on the border now so you may as well say it is complete. 

This is quite a beauty, not to mention the time involved and the weight of working with this piece.
OMG, that must have been one huge task to move that rug around, not to mention the time involved in hooking it.  Lynne said she started the rug about 5 years ago.  Those who know Lynne know this was not the only rug on her frame in those 5 years.   

And to think I was complaining about me starting the granny geometric about 10 years ago which is a minuscule rug compared to Lynne's 5x5 rug. 

A question I neglected to ask Lynne is....... do you still have any worms left?  Hopefully she will let me know.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll give you an update on my Granny Geometric.  Finally hooked a couple block but haven't worked on my Penny Mat since it is smaller. 

Have a great evening and please be KIND to one another.



  1. It's beautiful and a perfect stash buster.

  2. 5'x5'??? How many rugs has Lynne hooked that she had that many worms? I cannot imagine how heavy that rug must be. My What Nots is getting weighty and it's nowhere near that size. Tell Lynne her rug is WONDERFUL!
    Hugs :)

  3. I wish I had such pretty worms! Beautiful work, she did an awesome job.

  4. Thanks for the post . you know by taking a few years to do a rug with only leftover worms, you would have a good variety of colors. When I was little we always had homemade quilts that my mother had made, I would pick out the material from my dresses she had made me. I guess we could do the same with our scrappy rugs, pick out the colors from our hooked rugs.


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