Friday, April 25, 2014

My Purrty Cat Rug Update

First I must thank everyone for the compliments on the binding technique of the Chicken Challenge rug.  Yes, I performed the task but it was Betsy Reed who taught the technique (thanks Betsy).  AND, Jerry B, thanks for your delightful comment about my blog.  I so much wanted to reply to your comment in a personal e-mail but you are a "NO-REPLY" blogger.  If you want to know how to fix that do a 'search' on my blog or on Google to see the minor thing you can do so people can communicate to you.

Okay, is time to show the update of my present rug.
I've decided to let go of the angst as to whether the colors are compatible, if the hues or intensity work together and what a teacher would teach.  Years ago women made do and used what they had.  They didn't give a hoot whether colors worked together or not, they needed a bed rug, a floor rug or quilt.  AHHHH, so now think I can forge on and think I'll enjoy hooking a little better without the worry. 

BTW, in case you haven't wondered... I'm my own worst critic (enemy).  Have a great evening everyone and be kind to one another. HA!  And be kind to ones self.  I could take a lesson from that for sure.



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