Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wondering What I've Been Doing?

Won't bore you with the LONG list but just suffice it to say it has all been rug hooking related.  But the short list is that all the wool is packed and ready for the Woolley Fox camp.

Figured it was about time to pull a couple loops on the Hooked Penny Mat so here is the present look.  After this small task think I'll just let my worms multiply and not worry about using them specifically in a rug (my granny geometric) or this small penny mat.
And yes, I've been hooking on the cat rug so hopefully there will be a little more progress to show when I post again.

The weekend went by ever so fast and can't believe it is Monday tomorrow. 



  1. have fun at camp as always I love your mat.

  2. You inspired me to hook using my excess worms and so far I've hooked two little rugs with them!

  3. You are just a hookin' fool. I am SO JEALOUS!!!
    What are you going to start at camp or is that a secret?
    Hugs :)

  4. I know you will have a grand time at camp. Will be eager to hear about it ;)

  5. hope you have a great time at camp!!
    always love seeing your work, and I really like the mat!

  6. You are always getting so much accomplished!!
    Such a sweet rug!
    Will miss you when you leave for camp!!


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