Monday, April 7, 2014

Going in Circles and UFO Geo Project

This morning when I went perusing my favorite blogs I was reminded by Alice that there was an unattended project in my midst.  Since I've been on a mission to rid myself of the geo project (hmmm, has a sort of secret under cover, obscure, CIA or ufo influence in those words, right?)  I'm liking that UFO Geo Project term more and more and changing the subject line on my post right now.

Anyway, Alice of a Day in the Life posted her circle rug and now I'm wanting to get back to mine but am otherwise being held captive.  Good going Alice and please show us the finale.
Some other circle rugs which I've not shown before are coming up.  So perhaps some of these will inspire you to 'de-worm' also.  But as hard as I'm trying to rid myself of some of these worms it doesn't seem as tho I'm making a whole lot of progress. 

Here is a chair pad with circle type "Tree of Life" design to use up worms.
And this is a great vintage (I think) hit and miss circle rug.  She made do and used up her worms as well. 
So now an update on my Geo Project.  As I look at the rug it is noticeable to me that not all block outlines were hooked in black or really dark wool ~ I also see blues and greys.  OMG, so now do I UN HOOK those lighter outlines and replace with black?  For sure I could use those blues in the remaining blocks but then I'd be taking one step forward and two back.  YIKES.  Oh well, in the olden days "she would have used what she had"....right?  So guess I'll just keep on going on.  I've got plans for hooking something after the geo.  Keep tuned and I'll tell ya and show you all about it.
Have a great evening, give your family of people or pets a kiss and spread joy.  HUGE hugs to everyone.



  1. Saundra ~
    You are so close and it looks wonderful as-is. I thought by now it would be put away but you get an atta-girl for continuing on. Just think how good you will feel in a day or two when it is done!!! You go girl!
    Hugs :)

  2. Oh, that 'tree of life' is calling my name ! How fabulous.

  3. you are nearing the finish line and it looks great. I would not change a thing.

  4. You're almost there!!! It really looks beautiful! :)

  5. I just love it. Wouldnt change a thing! So very close to a finish! Its like getting to the end of a real good movie ;). Like the pic of the circle tree of life too.


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