Sunday, April 20, 2014


Happy Easter to one and all.  Thought I'd show you some theme rugs I've hooked, some mohair bears and cloth rabbits I've made and a stitchery made with the Indygo Junction monthly series.

This is a design by Claire Murray and named Strawberry Patch.  It was a kit I purchased on e-bay when I thought it might be fun to hook with yarn.  Cute design but have no desire to ever hook an entire rug using wool yarn  or any other.  Perhaps using yarn here and there in a rug as embellishment, but not a whole rug.  BTW, this is way too clean and new looking for my tastes.
This pink bear has glass eyes and limbs are jointed using cotter pins.
The rug is a design by Sally Kallin of Pine Island Primitives called Harry.
A cloth painted rabbit made using a pattern by Hickety Pickety, and a hooked Easter egg. 
Another mohair bear made by me.
One of the monthly series quilt blocks designed by Sarah Sporrer, then with Indygo Junction.
Another mohair bear I made when I was gung ho about working with the expensive mohair and making dolls and bears was my 'go to' craft.  That is until I discovered hooking rugs.
And lest I should forget the 36" Edward Tulane rabbit pattern I designed and made several of.  But, I've lost interested in making this time-consuming, but loved rabbit.
Another hooked rug with rabbits is a design by Karen Kahle called, as you can see, Stop and Smell the Roses.
A rabbit design I hooked for someone and she was to finish up the background.  I think the bunny looks rather dapper. 
Almost forgot about this one.  It is a rabbit purse I designed and hooked but sold several years ago.
Well there you have it.....some entertainment eye candy.  Hopefully you thought they were all eye candy.  Have a wonderful happy Easter with family and friends.



  1. Oh, my. I do love your mohair bears!!!
    The Sally Kalin rug is my favorite of your rugs today.
    Happy Easter!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. The bunnies in the strawberry patch is precious!

  3. Your Mohair Bears are fabulous, Saundra ! My, you are multi talented. ;)

  4. I hope you had a lovely easter and your work is always amazing


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