Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Penny Circle Mat and Newbie Tidbits

It has been a while since you've seen my penny circle mat since my marathon hooking on the Granny Geometric ~ and oh but it does feel so good to have that geo done.  For those of you who admired the rug and my progress thank you for inquiring about my drawing one out for you.  One thing is for certain...I am DONE with the geometric.  Even tho I drew my own I have no desire to draw the pattern for sale, sorry. 

Last night I hooked a little on the penny circle mat so that there would be a little something to show and this is what it looks like right now.  For those of you just visiting my blog, this was a project to 'de-worm' my wool basket and was hooking it along with the geometric since the worms were already out.
This piece measures 11 x 24; I used the lid of a vitamin bottle to draw the circles which are 2" in diameter. 

And, now for the Newbie Tidbit.  I drew that pattern on a leftover scrap of linen foundation and since there wasn't a sizable margin sewed a piece of cotton fabric along the sides so it would hold on my frame.  You can also see that I decided to make my corners more rounded to be more eye appealing with the circle shapes. 

Tomorrow I plan to write about what you, as the buyer, should expect when you purchase a pattern from someone.  I'm not talking about buying a pattern on e-bay from someone who was downsizing, I'm talking about buying a pattern directly from the source... from me and other people who draw and sell patterns.  I think you'll find this very enlightening and bet I have a lot of readers who aren't even newbies.... bet'cha the count of readers will be astronomical and can't wait to look at the stats after tomorrow.

Have a magnificent evening everyone, even tho the temperatures are going to drop drastically tonight.



  1. I LOVE the way you are hooking the scrappy circles. So close to another finish!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. I'm finding that there are still a LOT of worms in that basket!!

  3. great little mat...even with all the backing I have it's a real joy to use up the small pieces that way...no linen goes to waste


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