Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Next?

Since the UFO Geo is almost done I've been pondering what I'll put on my frame next.  The hooking on the geo could have been finished today if I hadn't had a hair cut and my 'roots' done plus subsequent errands which took up a big part of the day.  But the time is coming when I'll actually be having fun with a fresh rug and not something started about 10 years ago using wool worms.

There has been an interest in an antique rug which was previously mentioned on my blog.  I've sold one pattern already which normally I don't do until after I've hooked it also.  But now I've another order so am speeding up my hooking list.  Into the wool room I went in search of various primitive light wools.  First place I checked was the organized shelf (I've very few of those but lots of bundles on the floor).
I pulled these smallish pieces and they may or may not end up in the dye pot.  Some look like they may work well as they are.
These below WILL go in a dye pot to make them 'dirty muddy' as Lucille Festa would call it.
Depending on the dye results will determine if I use all over dyed dirty, mix as is texture with it, or do all the wool in a solution.  But do know that I want it to look old.

You may know which rug I'm talking about but if you don't know check back later OR, go looking thru the archives and figure it out for yourself.  So Carol and Annette, if you are reading my blog you can see what my plans are and it's getting close.

Have a great evening.  Saundra


  1. I can't wait to see your new rug, great wool choices and always fun to muddy them up. I had to store the good wool since my daughter came back, so need to reorganize the basement with nicer shelves for wool.


  2. Oh is that WONDERFUL cat rug pictured over the bed??? I love the sound of "dirty muddy"!!! I know whatever it is will be wonderful!!! Organized wool? What is that?
    Hugs to ya',

  3. That's a nice pile of wool as is, but making it muddy will be fun. Can't wait to see the new rug. I'm new to hooking so always nice to see what others are doing.

  4. Wow,you have a beautiful collection of wool! Love the pieces you have pulled,looking forward to seeing them muddied up.LOL! Have a wonderful day.Blessings,Jen


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