Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cat Rug Update and Newbie Tidbits

A little more has been accomplished on my adaptation of the vintage cat design.  This is what it looks like now:
If you don't remember what the original looked like no need to scroll back thru previous posts, here is what the original looked like.  I chose to do the bottom heart using dark and light wool in non-ripple effect and closer in style to the antique. 
These are the wools used for the area below the section where the cat is.  And the one to the far right will also be used to outline the entire rug since it is so unobtrusive and blends in with the vintage drab look.
Another thing which you need to understand is the importance of hooking INSIDE the line of the motif.  If you hook on the line or outside you will be expanding the size of the motif.  That would be disastrous if you were trying to hook a dainty bird.  I'll discuss this more when I get ready to hook the birds and small cats in this rug.  In the picture below, the circle to the left, you can see that I'm hooking just inside. 
So then you need to secure the motif with a "Holding Line".  Otherwise the wool will get comfy and spread out.  Not only is this an important step to contain the motif but frankly I don't like leaving all the background to be the very last part of the rug to hook.
Have a great evening and HAPPY EASTER to all.



  1. I have such a hard time hooking inside the lines, but I am getting better especially when using a fat worm.
    Your rug looks marvelous!!!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs :)

  2. I probably hook on the line more than inside. I try to be aware of making the motif larger. The other day you were talking about linen vs. monks cloth. My first couple of rugs were on monks cloth and I packed them tight. Then my next few rugs were on linen and they were nice and flat. I thought I had just learned to hook well. So a week ago my husband was going to a conference ,so I decided to tag along and hook. I had just finished the rug I was working on and had nothing drawn or purchased to hook. I had no time to zigzag a piece of linen so I grabed a piece of monks cloth that was already zigzagged. All week long I have battled the stretching and trying not to pack to tight. Never again will I purchase anything but linen. Thanks for all your tidbits , they help and are greatly appreciated.

  3. I'm loving this pattern!!
    I had no idea what was next to the bird along the sides, you have great eyes.
    Have a Happy Easter!!

  4. Hi, Saundra and Happy Easter to you,
    I love your cat rug, I may have to do that one. It would certainly be appropriate!!


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