Thursday, April 3, 2014

Granny Geo Update

Was going to title the post "The Never ending Granny Geo" but it looks like the hooking is really nearing the end.  This is a picture I took outside on my deck in natural sunlight without a flash.  Look, look, do you see the end?  Me too!
Wanna see what it looked like when I brought it out of hiding?  Yup, I've come a long way (comparatively speaking). 
My small penny circle mat hasn't received any attention in several days.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll pull a few loops and post an update.  Since I'll be going to Woolley Fox in just a little over a month I'm sure hoping this project is done.  I want to move on and cross this one off my list. 

Funny as I look at this rug and where I started after oh so many years, and then yesterday's post of Lynne with her 5' x 5' rug hooked in 5 years with all worms....UH, I ask myself why I'm on this contraption talking about hooking when I COULD  ACTUALLY  BE HOOKING.

As I asked myself that my thought came to 'sharing the word'.  I love hooking rugs.  I was a NEWBIE with no stash, no knowledge.  AH HA!!!!  now I know what I'll talk about tomorrow on my blog...... My FIRST EVER rug camp.

Have a great evening everyone.




  1. Wow girl, you are cracking on that!!! Almost finished!!

  2. You're almost at the finish line! Good girl :)

  3. I sure love that geo! It's so good to see you getting there!

  4. Wowzwers! You are going to be SO happy that you stuck to it when this rug is finished. I absolutely love it!


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