Monday, April 14, 2014

New Pattern from an Antique

This was a rug on my list 'to do' but hadn't intended to start it so soon.  It is a delightful rug photo found (I think) on Pinterest but it had no identifying information as to age, hooker, owner, etc. 
When I posted interest on my blog there was immediate response from people wanting to buy the pattern.  Normally I hook the pattern first and then post a picture on my web site so they can see it hooked by me.  This time I sold two patterns before it was even hooked and posted on my blog.  Well, guess it is about time I hook it.

Let me tell you it was troublesome to draw a pattern from the picture above and give credence to the original hooker since it is hard to detect images.  On the right and left in red I finally decided were birds.  But there are ghost images beside them and you can see red eyes ~ they are ever so faint since the picture is so distant and not very clear.  At one point I thought it may have been an owl on one side.  But, it was up to me to decide how to design the rug as I had two orders and hadn't even drawn for myself. 

Later a comment came from Newburyarts saying he/she knew the previous owners, but I was unable to correspond as the comment was from a NO-REPLY Blogger.  Therefore unable to ask for better pictures for accuracy or to obtain permission.

Thank you Lori of NotForgottenFarm for reminding me that I hadn't mentioned measurements. This pattern measures 30 x 30.  BTW, Lauren will be proud of you for keeping me on my toes about dimensions since she was away at camp.

Onto the rug design.....many antique rug motifs were hooked using red.  I don't know the answer as to why as I'd rather hook than research.  But if you look at enough antique rugs you will also see a variety of styles as there are also lots of antique rugs which are not outlined but blend in with the background.

Here is the reveal of my start.  Why oh why does the picture do this with the zebra stripes with linen photos?  Anyway, as you can see I've done the Pre-Binding stitching 1" all around since it is easier now than when the rug is hooked.  The outline of the cat was done with the red in #8 cut and think it was from Rebecca of The Wool Studio but not totally sure. 
The cat is hooked in #8, #8.5 and #9 using the center wool which is Mashed Potato from Heavens to Betsy (below).  I used different cuts because that is what I had in my worm basket.  Okay, so it was the #9 I cut later when the others ran out. 

Also used a few wool strips left over in near color which adds to the vintage look.  The wool to the right of that is also Mashed Potato which I used in that dye recipe a post or so ago.  It will also go in the rug and that was my plan. 
I named the pattern "Cat, Birds and Blooms"  which is a description....but sure wish I could come up with something more creative than my literal name.  Any ideas out there?  How's about you two gals who just purchased the pattern from me?  Any suggestions?  Write me personally at

Hope you all have a great evening as our early summer weather is about ready to come to an end.



  1. love it ~ what size is your pattern again (or did I miss that ~ sorry, tired eyes)

  2. That is going to be a fun one to hook. Not sure what you mean by zebra stripes, I see the lines from the porch underneath?


  3. Saundra,
    I think I am going to stop reading your blog because you are making me insanely jealous. Seriously...this is absolutely wonderful!!! I so look forward to following along while you hook this. OK. I'm not going to stop reading but you are making me jealous!!!
    Hugs to ya', girlfriend :)

  4. Saundra you amaze me! Love this rug and I know it will turn out fantastic.Blessings,Jen

  5. Hi Saundra,
    An old post I know, just getting caught up!
    I'm intrigued by your pre-binding stitch? I'll look back on posts but there's no binding here just a line around the pattern? Does this stabilize the pattern? Does the binding go on between the edge of the pattern and the stitch? or do you hook up to the line of stitching?
    Love your blog and your rugs!


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