Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vintage Cat Rug Update

A little more has been hooked on it but not a whole lot as I've been doing yard work and starting to pull wool for Woolley Fox camp which happens in less than 3 weeks. 

Here's the little dickens as of right now.  And I'm having issues with color ~ that isn't a new thing with me as I'm color challenged I think.  But since my plan was to try and replicate the vintage rug have tried getting close to the antique look.  Uh, that said, you've seen how hard it is to determine some of the images not to mention the real color of the wool used.

OH, almost forgot to mention that as I was hooking the kitten decided to change the nose from the original drawing I did (like the mommy cat) to just a slit of a nose since the kitten was smaller. 
I stopped working on the bottom portion of the rug since the usage of left over blue strips used in the heart don't go well the color in the section with the star.  SO, in the words of Eric Sandberg, ...."hook what you know". 

As I know what I want to go to the left and right of the cat (middle of the rug) figured my decision down the road will be easier if I hook those sections first.  Then I can make a better choice of what to pull out and rehook....either the heart wool or the wool surrounding the star.

Actually, what caused my internalized wool uproar is not knowing what color blue to use for the flowers on the corners.  They should probably be a darker blue to "anchor" the rug rather than a lighter color which would make it 'float'.  Check out the antique rug in the previous post and maybe you'll see what I mean.  The color of the flowers sorta looks like the color used around the star.  However, it wouldn't work well with the heart colors I used that close in proximity.  So something has to change.  I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Before Barb's camp I wanted to bind my Chicken Challenge rug to take and show my gal pals.  Plans are to use a technique Betsy Reed taught in the class last November and one I used on my pillow (in a previous post).

Thanks for hanging with me as I work thru my rugs.  It really is fun to share with ya'll.  Hope you have a great evening and please be kind to one another.



  1. Too chilly again for yardwork :( Hopefully I can get some more done this weekend.
    I'm sure you will figure the colors out just fine. You are NOT color challenged.
    Hugs :)

  2. I find that when I want a color, it is one I don't have so I end up dying, lol. I seem to have this thing for getting something in my head and there is nothing like it, so i have to do it myself and hope I can get it the way I want.


  3. I love the blue heart and I like the way the rug is progressing. Color can be a challenge and I think the blue heart is a good choice . It pops! Hugs cheri

  4. looking good! and yes! I LOVE Betsy's biding technique! makes for a simple but old looking edge ~
    keep on hookin'!


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