Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring has finally Sprung and Stitchery Quilt Block

With the snow during the winter gone and the long delay of spring weather ~ spring has finally arrived.  Look at the beautiful yellow in my yard with the forsythia and daffodils in full bloom.
 And tho hard to see the periwinkle (vinca minor) is popping out too.  Soon the trees will be rustling with fresh leaves.
Yesterday was a lovely day and in the afternoon I sat out back on the deck near the fish pond and perused thru a bunch of old Rug Hooking Magazines.  It really was fun to peruse old issues and rediscover techniques and look with a different eye now that I've been hooking for a while.

And remember this giveaway that Kellie of Indiana won? 
Kellie was sweet enough to send me a picture of a stitchery she did from the book.  Great stitchery quilt block Kellie, thanks for sharing and glad you are enjoying the book.

Enjoy your weekend, I just might enjoy the back deck this afternoon as well and continue looking thru the magazines since it was such fun yesterday.


  1. Our yard is quite yellow right now too Saundra - I picked a bouquet of daffodils to enjoy in the house - they smell so good and are so cheerful to see!

  2. The sight of yellow is so welcome this year.I think we all grew tired of Winter.Kellie did a wonderful job on her stitching project.Blessings,Jen

  3. It is so nice to have sunny days again, really enjoyed getting out today. I finally got your card out yesterday, so it will be arriving sometime next week.


  4. Beautiful forsythia and daffodils !
    After this long winter, that sight just couldn't be sweeter. ;)


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