Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Magdalena Design

I made a little progress on Harvey's Magdalena.  And if you check back on a previous post of this pattern you will see the horse's eye color has changed.  Since Magdalena used red often for eyes, feet and berries in bird's beaks, decided to carry on her tradition in mine.  Actually I think in her original rug Magdalena crow's eye red too, will have to check.
Feels so good to work on a Magdalena and use up the odd wool strips and it always works ~ the easiest and most creative way to utilize those multiplying worms. 
Happily I received a sizeable pattern order so even tho there may not be lots of loops pulled on my Magdalena it will put some moola in my wallet for upcoming camps.
Also, yesterday I pulled out my yellow and gold worms to sort out colors for hooking the beer mugs in my son's rug.  Oh my how will I ever pull that off?  Did find a few suitable colors but am at a total loss on how to hook glass since glass isn't really white and there is no 'see thru' clear wool.  And then there is the foam on top.  EEK. 
No way am I going to hook the beer mugs in #3!  The mugs are going to be nothing less than #8 cut unless the worms are smaller.  The Man Cave Rug will be wide cut and will do my best to make the beer mugs recognizable.  Stay tuned from time to time so you can see how that pattern develops.
If you newbies have any topics you'd like for me to address on the blog please write me.  And as ALWAYS, comments, suggestions and input on my work is always welcome.  That's the other thing I like about rug camps, you get ideas from other hookers on how to do something. 
Have a great evening and play nice with one another.


  1. Your Magdelena rug looks beautiful. I'm glad you sold some patterns. It's always nice having dome money coming in...

    I went online looking for a beer mug for you and I found one Saundra.

    Go online and search HomeBrewTalk.com

    They have logo on the left upper corner of their page and you'll find a great photo of a beer mug with white foam on the top. I think you can do it pretty easy.


  2. Aw. Julia is so sweet :)
    Lovin' your Mags rug. You go girl.
    Hugs :)

  3. I was wondering how you were going to hook the glass. I can't wait to see what you do.


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