Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hooking Man Cave and Binding Tape

Not sure just how little progress was made on the beer mug since loops were pulled and replaced.  Maybe I'll get colors to suit me and/or wish I'd just think about that picture Julia sent and make it more simple. 

In looking at this picture below I see things now that will change.  The right side of the glass part of the foam needs the yellowish wool pulled at the far right side and the brighter white put in for at least one row.  On the same side below the handle need to clean that up some too as mine looks YUCK.

My hat goes off to all you hookers who have successfully hooked glass or mirrors.  Perhaps if I would try harder and reduce the size of cut from #8 to #3 I might achieve that success too....uh...ain't gonna happen...I'll dumb it down and make it simple first.
Today someone inquired about the 3" binding tape that Lauren wrote about on her blog.  I replied to her but others may have wondered where to purchase the 3" BINDING too.  It comes in different colors and yes it is expensive since you need to buy the whole roll.  However, if you have a group who would like to purchase a roll you could each share in the cost to make it more affordable. 

I used that to bind my antique adaptation of Santa and Deer a couple years ago.
However, I didn't want the coffee brown color on my son's rug since the border and lettering will be in black.  So my the Man Cave Rug will be bound with a wide denim since I'm thinking of attaching it to a wooden frame.  Thankfully (or sadly) there is still an over abundance of all types of textiles in my house so had some yardage of denim.  As the background is blues and the outer border black this should work perfectly. 
The denim was ripped straight of grain 4" wide since 1/4" is used as a seam allowance and there should be plenty of extra width for me to staple onto a wooden stretcher frame.  Or at least that is where my thoughts are going now.  Who knows how the final finishing will end up.  But if bound traditionally it will have a nice wide border.
Have a magnificent evening!  Over and out from chilly Delaware.



  1. You poor soul, still trying to figure how to hook your beer mug. I thought that Kim had kindled a real good beginning for you. You have till Christmas to figure it out. Just chill out. Well I guess you're already doing that. It's wet and cold here too.


  2. You now have my attention.....especially after reading your banter back and forth with my girl Kim. Can't wait to see more of the mug....good luck.

  3. Damp and chilly here too. I think it's too soon to say the beer colors are not right. I think you're doing great with that photo for reference. Keep hooking! I am about 3/4 through my border

  4. Damp and COLD here in Ohio and the 5 day forecast sucks!!!
    That denim will make a really cool binding.
    Hugs :)

  5. It is cold here too, yesterday we had snow flurries !!! Love your idea of using denim for the binding ! I save all our old never know when you need to patch some favorite , comfy jeans ! Your beer mugs looks really good ! Hope Spring returns tomorrow !!!!

  6. I think the thing that doesn't seem quite right about the mug is that the side of the Mug where the foam is under the rim should be straight sides? Just wondering... Love the project though, and appreciate that you are sharing your thought process!


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