Saturday, April 25, 2015

Marbelizing Results are In

For those of you who have never done marbleizing, you will be quite surprised by the results and how color can be achieved without dyes.  The picture below shows you what the original light peach color of the wool used in the sandwich looked like before and after the process.  And I've folded the wool so you can see how each side of that wool changed color depending on wools chosen for the outside layer.
On the above photo to the left I used the brighter blue wool and olive green, with peach between.  The wool on the right was the same light peach and on one side of the sandwich was golden brown and the other side was a navy blue.  And, do you remember in yesterday's post there was a narrow strip of a brighter navy at one end?  You can see what that did to the wool, look at the top of the wool on the right (above).

These are the wools which were used for the peach to the left in the above photo.  Notice too, both sides of the olive wool changed colors also.  The darker half was rolled against the blue, also that olive changed rolled against the bright blue as well.  Interesting, eh?
Below shows both sides of the golden brown and both sides of the navy used for the other sandwich.  I put both rolls in the same pot, and yes they were squished in tightly.  You can see how the bleeding collected in certain areas.
Wish I could say this was planned, but it wasn't.  The picture below shows that my beer wool color has been chosen.  Whatever it was that I'd had planned for my son's beer previously, has changed.  This is it. 
If you want to see the wool pre dye pot, just scroll down to yesterday's blog post.  For those of you who want to try this I'd love to see you post results on your blog.  Since I don't have everyone's blog on my side bar sure hope I find out who tried it so I can see pictures. 

If you think of a question while in the process or if I've left questions in your mind feel free to ask.  Remember tho, if you are a NO-REPLY blogger I won't be able to reply to your e-mail if you post the question on my blog.  But will be able to answer if you write me personally.

Have fun playing and Good Luck.



  1. Love it! I've always wondered what freaky hooker magic created those cool mottled wools.

  2. Oh yes, that marbled wool looks gorgeous. I love that beer color. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Wine tasting and marbleizing wool seem to work well together. Maybe I should try it one of these days.


  3. That beer color is beautiful!

  4. I also agree that beer color is perfect. Also really like the results. Thank you so much for this tutorial and thrilled that I found your blog....thanks to my girl Kim.

  5. The beer wool is perfect. Can't wait to see it hook. Guess I'm going to have to try marbelizing. Your results were wonderful. I think the hard part is picking the 3 colors of wool. Thanks for all the information you share.

  6. I am going to try the marbleizing.....your results are amazing ! The color for your beer mugs looks great , looks like micro brewed beer color too !

  7. Hooray for such wonderful results! You've made some really beautiful wools there Saundra!


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