Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stewing Wool

Yesterday I noticed Heavens to Betsy had a new post on her blog about stewing wool.  Heck, she used some wool that I purchased from her and thought I'd pull out  some wool and my pot again.

Below is the before photo and you can see that I also have Little Miss Sunshine (yellow).  I had a bright red from a pair of slacks which was always too bright to use but hopefully will be better to use now.  I didn't have Ligonier Purple wool but grabbed this plaid which I've also not used either because of it brightness.
After stewing the wool using the same process Betsy wrote about on her blog, this is the after photo.  It appears the blue plaid is toned down as is the red seems to have changed color.  And ooh I like the mottled Little Miss Sunshine a lot!
There are 3 more panels from those red slacks left to use as a bleeder.  Once I return from Woolley Fox rug camp think I might stew a little bit more using the red but choose 3 other wools. 

Have a great evening.




  1. Nice! The yellow transformed really well.

  2. I like the transformed yellow too. What they call stewing wool, I call it marrying wool.

    When I first started to hook I had no dye and that's how I got my colors from other wool. I hooked my rooster using married wool. It was so easy and so much fun as I didn't know how it would come out but I always love the results.

    I've added some dark brown to red to tone it down.


  3. I've not tried this yet :(
    Saturday I am actually taking a dyeing class - a first for me. It was the class or going to the primitive show and I figured the dye class would save me lots of $$.
    Hugs :)


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