Wednesday, April 1, 2015


But the joke was on me!  Plans today were to start my next hooking project for moi.  After all, Mr. Cotton Tail was done, Shadow's box cover was completed and was almost done with the pool balls on my son's rug.  

To the wool room I go this morning to pull wool for the next project.  So where was the Magdalena pattern I'd drawn?  ..   Uh, I hadn't drawn it out on linen yet?  Obviously that set me back a bit.  But not to worry.

Tonight I'll finish the '7' ball and let my son's rug rest for a bit.  This is what the Christmas gift looks like now and I've several months before it is due.  The photo looks blurry as I'm posting, but if you click on the photo it will give you a better view.
Yet I still want to over dye more wool to make a dirty light blue background for my son's Man Cave rug.  So far I've pulled worms from my blue bag to hook between some balls but have a long way to go to get better colors for the rest of the background.  Just hope I don't get to lazy and let the wool dying delay get me in trouble as it gets closer to December. 

Have a great evening everyone and hope you were all FOOL PROOF. 



  1. It seems when I make plans, something else gets in the way or goes wrong, so i just do whatever, whenever, lol.


  2. Looking good! Heavens to Betsy has some nice new blues. So far I have resisted (but I'm weakening every day)

  3. You are just a hookin' fool. Me, just a fool :)

  4. I'm I still allowed to leave comments on your posts with my shady reputation? hahaha.

    I'll try to word this as carefully as I can... Your son's rug is looking very good.......

    I was so tired last night but I dragged myself to the frame and hooked till my eyeballs fell out.
    I was a fool because I was more tired this morning.



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