Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Harvey's Magdalena Update

Magdalena rug designs are a great way to use up left over worms, plus I love the primitive designs that woman hooked in the 1880's.  So far the only wool I've cut is to add some wool to match colors of worms for the horse and some primitive black for the crow.  The rest, so far, are left overs.
I hardly ever have many left over primitive black since I use it a lot, so that is a wool which will always need to be cut.  Once again I've chosen to do the outside holding border line using Betsy's wool, and my name sake Woodland Junction. 

In a class with Barb Carroll while she was doing color planning for my rug at the time, that is the wool she chose for the outside line.  She  said it would look like a dusty old worn edge.  Barb didn't even know it was named for me but now seems I use it a lot after her color plan session.

Goodness, wonder how many Magdalena rugs I've hooked and how many more I have left to replicate?  That sounds like a future post.  BUT..... for you new readers, if you have a newbie question please feel free to write me with it.  And WELCOME to my last couple followers!!!  I hope you enjoy reading and if there is something you'd like for me to write about please let me know.

Have a great evening and please be nice to one another.



  1. Saundra, your horse and crow looks great. You work fast and I can tell you're enjoying it...
    You're always so good at giving us some updates.

    I've been hooking but I haven't dared giving updates. I've hooked around the border and now I'm attempting the background and I'm not sure if I like it.

    Do you dye your own antique black wool? I just laundered a black wool skirt from the thrift store but it's rather jet black.


  2. I was making a cat rug with scraps, then got stuck and forgot what I was doing, lol. Since i don't get many worms, I use scraps from leftover projects. Love how your rug is coming along.



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