Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Man Cave Rug Update

After some lighthearted harassing comments on yesterday's post (you know who you are!) I decided to start working on the first of two beer mugs in my son's Man Cave Rug.  Interesting that the first colors of worms pulled and thought would work...didn't.  Back to looking at other worm colors and wool yardage.  Maybe I have it and maybe not.

I've never tried to replicate glass and while my plans aren't to even attempt realism would like to have the beer mug at least recognizable.   What will give me a little better perspective is when I look at this picture on my blog later.  Many times when seeing it on the computer have chosen to replace loops ~ that just happened on the Harvey's Magdalena after a previous post.

So.. get ready...and here we GO.  Really wanted to put a border outline of blue around the mug but I was under the gun by the beer mug Nazi (you know who you are).
For comparison sake, below is the picture of the mug found free which seemed like a good shape to use for my son's rug.  Here is my hooked mug next to the picture.  And I DO see YET, maybe the top shape would have been okay had I outlined it with the background.  See gals, that is also a lesson about outlining the image.  By outlining it controls the spread of the other colors and shapes your image.
Okay then, so Kim, just for the record I am NOT a Princess!  For your information, in my house I am the QUEEN!  Now let me see what YOU GOT !  I want to see some hit and miss border go'n on!

Have a great evening everyone and enjoy the lighthearted banter between me and my friends. 



  1. Hahaha, you beat me to the punch. I was going to post my hit and miss and then issue a dare!
    All I can say is your post is making me thirsty.....

  2. LOL! You two crack me up!!!
    We GOTTA meet someday :)

  3. I think the mug is looking good. Every time I read your blog there is something to learn. I so appreciate it. I am anxious to see your son's rug finished-----and his reaction. Waiting isn't one of my strong points.

  4. Hi Saundra, I came over from Kim's blog to check out your mug...good job. I like your other project too, the pool balls that's great. :)

    Have a great day.
    Janet W

  5. I enjoy the banter between both your blogs.... and your mug is looking great.

  6. Haha, you girls are cracking me up too and I'm cracked up enough as it is. The beer mug looks good enough to drink and it looks like someone did.

    Way to go Queenie.



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