Friday, April 17, 2015

Another Rug Show

I recently checked my stats and noticed a great more number of visits to my blog when the topic is "rug show".  The second largest number is when there is something new on my frame....interesting.

This first picture is of a stitchery done by a young Polly Bedford as she was about to enter her 12th year of age.  Yes, I realize technology has advanced us by leaps and bounds and I've enjoyed the rewards as well.  But there are basic survival tasks everyone should know.  One is to know how to sew on a button. 

But wonder how many modern day 12 year old girls even know what a needle is and can they sew on a button?  Even the Marine Corp teaches their men how to handle needle and thread.  Oh, AND, by the way, my son, does know.  Mama taught him to be self sufficient.  He doesn't have the time now so I shorten pants, etc.  But he has his own sewing machine and knows how to sew on a button.  Uh, my wonderful sweet DIL doesn't however.  But since she is such a good mother I'll give her slack.

And it would make a cute hooked piece or wool applique.

A Pennsylvania found pot of lowers with a bird atop.
This is cool, an antique and would make a great rug for a grandson.
Nice tribute to a dog in a landscape.
Interesting piece below which has a date of 1831 and wish I knew more about it's origin or replication.  Was this a wedding rug?
According to what I've read this is a hooked rug of a blood hound which was a guard dog at the Confederate Prison of Union captives.
This was someone's special white cat and they made sure the pretty whiskers were noticed.
The one below isn't antique, but is a Kirkland Museum rug by Edward Marecak. He bought wool sweaters from thrift stores and then had his two sons unravel them for the rug. (1958)
Here is a hooked piece which is almost in color book style, really naïve and kinda cute for a baby's room.
Hope you all have a great night and wonderful weekend.  Oh, and let's all play nice with one another.



  1. That stitchery is marvelous. How funny about your son and daughter in law.
    Happy Friday to you.
    Hugs :)

  2. Love the stitchery as well. I learned to sew and knit at a very early age and I did taught my three girls to sew. My son never showed an interest but he's an awesome cook.

    Thanks for the show again Saundra.

    Have a great weekend. Hard to believe that we're over half April done with...


  3. Love those old rugs. Mine will be antique before they are finished at my rate

  4. I taught my son to sew a button when he was small, when he got bigger, he also increased his imagination, he used zip ties after that! I love the 1st rug. esp. and the 2nd and the 4th, the dog. That first one looks like something you would see in a very old sampler book. I always enjoy your sharing, a "show" or new frame project or not. I'm sometime sporadic depending on what is going on here at home, but i always go back and see what I've missed with you. have a wonderful weekend!


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