Thursday, April 9, 2015

Guess What.... Another Rug Show

This is what happens when I'm only having fun hooking one rug and have just that one to share updates on. Yes, sitting on the side lines is my son's rug but that is in hibernation until closer to December.  Or there's nothing else on my frame.

For the cat lovers, this first rug is cute with the cat playing with a ball of yarn.
This antique below I have already adapted into a pattern which I named "Cat's Meow".  Love this piece and am very pleased with my adaptation of it.
This half circle Welcome cat mat.... who couldn't love that?
And equal time for you dog lovers here are two pups greeting each other.
Daisy was a special dog to this hooker and even made her look as tho she was prancing.

A pair of Scotty's with sawtooth border.  I could have made a whole blog post about Scotty rugs as I've plenty in my file.  And I've never owned a Scotty but they were a popular breed to hook obviously.
Nice landscape of a farm with crops and animals.

This has a lot of variety, it is a floral with geometric border, and blotchy patchwork dark background ~ my favorite kind of background to replicate antique rugs.
Someone hooked their favorite spotted holstein.
For those of you who like geometrics and want to reduce your worm pile, here is a scallop rug to inspire you.
Ah, new love.
Guess I'd best be thinking about my next project to start soon.  I made a list of patterns in my stash, complete with dimensions.  Figured rather than digging thru them all the time it would be easier for me to choose from; but none of them pique my interest right now.  A couple are earmarked for classes this year tho.  So my son's rug might come out of hibernation after all.

Have a great day.



  1. Thanks for the rug show. You're never at a lost to find some interesting rugs. I just wish I had been interested in rugs when I was a little girl. My grandma had a nice one made of rags. It had primitive flowers and a black background. I only got interested in hooked rugs when I had a brush with death when I was around 56 years old and it became very important to learn to hook rugs like my grandma.

    Like the song says, You don't know what you've got till it's gone .....


  2. Great antique rugs and i always love animal ones.


  3. Love when you post old pretty. Love the ones with houses & the neat checker board roof !

  4. I love love love that first rug! It looks like a ghost coming out of the chimney:) and the sun or moon with the crosses looks like the game jacks.

  5. Thanks for the show. I see blogger decided to co-operate.
    Hugs :)


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