Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bits of Spring

While outside this afternoon I could see the new developments of spring all over.  My crocus and daffodils have bloomed and disappeared but now comes the other wave of wonderful spring eye candy.

Many bird houses and bird feeders have a place in my yard.  I thought this one with the string hanging out was cute.  Can you image that little tiny bird flying and carrying that in it's beak.  It's a wonder the bird's flight pattern was screwed up with that string floating behind.
 The pink dogwood tree is beginning to flower.

 So is the white dogwood tree.
A week or so ago while in the garden bath I could hear a returning hummingbird looking for last year's window feeder.  Oops, I hadn't put the feeders out yet....until right after I heard the humming.  It is such fun to hear the hummingbirds come to this feeder as it's like the glass picks up the vibrations of the wings and it resonates inside the bathroom.  There is another feeder at my fish pond right now and later there will be another.  You can see the Bleeding Hearts in the background just before my boy Ben's backyard.
An aromatic lilac bush blooming.  Must learn about how to trim it back  at the best time so it will fill out and be more prolific next year.  Sadly I am not so smart about proper trimming time of year and how much to trim.  Sure don't want to kill anything so sometimes the limbs get long and lanky.
My pretty Bleeding Hearts.  Thankfully they are in the afternoon shade but when it gets warmer those blooms will be gone too.
Periwinkle (aka vinca minor) near a full bloom. 
Oh dear, I've forgotten the name of this ground cover; it will probably come back to me as soon as I publish the blog.
It is sunny today but getting damp now as we are expecting rain.  Time to take my boy for his walk to be sure he and I get in our steps before that happens.

Have a great evening and let's all be kind to one another.



  1. Doesn't it feel great to look outside and see the sights of Spring. I wish I had a lilac bush.

  2. Hi Saundra. I love your little bird house. I still don't have any in my backyard. Your flowers are more advanced than mine and I so wish i had a dogwood. I love the shape of the bloom.

    Lilacs are supposed to be prunes right after blooming so they will have time to grow buds for the next year. Don't ask me about the right way to prune though.

    I have some ground phlox that looks similar to your last picture. They had quite a beating this winter but I still hope they will bloom.


  3. Spring is much further ahead in your little corner of the world. Oh, how I love lilac. Last year I had no flowers because the bush was so out of control and even though I knew I wouldn't have flowers the following year, I pruned the heck out of it way too late. I'm hoping this year will be spectacular.
    It was very un-spinglike here in Ohio today. Cold, damp and dreary. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.
    Hugs :)

  4. Beautiful flowers, Saundra.
    So glad for warmer temps.
    When your lilacs have finished blooming, you can trim the bush. You will then be blessed with blooms next year. But if you wait to long after they finish blooming - you will cut away next years blooms.

  5. enjoyed looking at your yard we are weeks behind you our lilacs will not bloom until memorial weekend and the bleeding hearts are just coming out of the ground.
    the little birds are busy checking out our bird houses too.

  6. We should be having warmer weather starting tomorrow. Yahoo I am ready.

    Your flowers are beautiful.

  7. Am so jealous of your dogwoods. Something attacked the dogwoods here and last week I had to have my two dogwoods cut down. They just stopped growing and started to rot. Don't need that. Got my new hostas out, my new geraniums and some new fragrant Oriental lilies. Have plenty of other lilies but can't put them in the back yard as they are poisonous to dogs.


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