Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's The Small Stuff

It's amazing the difference even the smallest thing can make.  The last time I posted the Man Cave Rug, Kay mentioned what caught her eye was the left side of the mug.  She suggested that perhaps it should be straight up and down vs. curved as I hooked it.  She was so right ~ I hooked it curved thinking it would show the curvature of the mug, but not so.  Here is the NOW and it looks much better.
The below photo is before.  Small stuff makes a big difference.  Thank you Kay!!!!  Your comment was a huge help.  Amazing how someone else can SEE something our eye doesn't notice until someone else mentions it. 
Pictured below close up, it seems the far left bottom base of mug needs to be a little lighter.....I think.  That section of glass is supposed to be a tad darker than the upward part.... the bottom middle needs to be whiter, yada yada.  I need a break.
Also, if you look at the picture above then the one below, I'm thinking of pulling out the white and rehooking with the light blue & white textured wool I've placed on top.

I am happy with the beer color tho, and what wonderful timing with the marbleizing tutorial to achieve that color ~ and totally by accident.
Guess it is time for me to put this aside for a while as I'm getting indecisive and frustrated.  Yup, I need a break.  Am so happy I decided to start this project so early before the Christmas deadline.
Enjoy your Sunday evening.  Will surely enjoy mine since my plans are to  go back hooking Harvey's Magdalena.


  1. I just can't keep up with your posts, woman.
    I really enjoyed your marbleizing posts. I've never done it but you are tempting me.
    You came up with the perfect beer color. Congrats.
    Happy hooking on Mags this evening.
    Hugs :)

  2. You did it girl! A cool, frosty beer that looks great. Cheers my friend. I'll raise my next glass to you

  3. Well Saundra, your beer mug looks just fantastic to me. You're more fussy with the little details than me. I does look like a nice beer mug and the color is perfect. See... you had nothing to worry about.
    Hugs, JB

  4. Saundra - the mug DOES look so much better now! I'm glad I was able to offer a helpful comment, and love how this is coming along!


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