Thursday, April 16, 2015

MIA and Beer Mugs

I've been MIA but haven't been sitting on the sofa eating bonbons.....I've been drawing rug patterns and doing yard work in 81 degree temps.  After 45 minutes even tho the whole yard wasn't done I stopped.  My riding mower needs to be serviced before I can use it. 

So far I've shipped two patterns; one to be hooked as a sample and the other to have photographed as a packaged kit.  Seven of the remaining 19 ordered have been drawn with 12 more to go.

Now to the beer mugs.  I did pull some worms out of my baggies to see if anything might work for the beer mugs and started to get frustrated and insecure about hooking the mugs.  Thought maybe I'd take a picture of the wools chosen to see how it looks on the computer.
That large piece of wool to the top left won't work as it is too yellow.  I was thinking of using it for the foam or left side of mug but don't like it.  Not sure yet which of the two brighter whites might work for the clear glass and probably the foam too.  The task might require hooking and pulling out loops before I get it right. 

My friend Julia (Of Petals and Wool) sent me a picture which made me realize I'm making this all too hard on myself.  Since I will not do a #3 cut why does the beer and mug have to look so dang realistic?  DUH, Saundra.  This is what sweet Julia sent me.
So now the beer mug hooking seems obtainable to me with the realization it doesn't have to look real enough to drink.  Thanks Julia, you're always right there to help a hooker out of a crisis.

Since I've cooled off a little think I'll ride my bike to get the mail (1 mile to and fro), yesterday I walked there but since I've walked for 45 minutes cutting grass (still more to do), think I'll ride the bike on the shady side of the meadow.  And THEN.... mama is going to play with her Magdalena rug for a while.

Have a good evening.



  1. Wow, you got some pretty warm temperatures out there. You probably sweated enough outside without sweating over hooking a beer mug. lol... I'm looking forward to sseing how you'll go about it. I'm sure you'll think of something.

    You've been very busy with your patterns. Way to go Saundra. Business is good...

    I wore a sweat shirt to go to work today and it was warm in the sun behind the house. A beautiful day...

  2. Isn't 81 a tad warm for your part of the county at this time. We are suppose to reach 78 on Monday-----that's June weather in NW not April. I'm sure what ever you pick for the beer mugs will be fabulous. I agree with Julia, doesn't have to be "real".

  3. You don't want guys licking the rug, thinking it looks too real. Lol.

  4. God, Kim makes me laugh!
    I managed to do 45 minutes of yard work after the day job but had on a sweater and light jacket. Still so much more to do...sigh.
    Pug hugs :)


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