Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Update on Old Stuff

No beer mug hooking took place last night or today; sorry.  I did, however, separate a bit more yellow, gold and brownish wool worms for the future task.  Frankly I'm really dragging my feet to start the mugs out of total fear of failure. 

Anyway....I did pull out those bright strips in Harvey's Magdalena and replaced them.  So this is looking a little better than the previous post.  And there WILL be MORE changes made on this piece.
Here is a real treat.... below is the ORIGINAL Magdalena rug named Harvey's Magdalena since it was owned by someone by that name at the time of discovery.   Check out those beautiful primitive animals.
Okay, told you in a previous post I thought Magdalena's animals in this piece had red eyes.  Yup, confirmed.  Notice the red eyes, the berry in the bird's beak as well as the eyes, mouth and feet of the other animals.  True Folk Art using 'what SHE (Magdalena) had'. So I'm changing the eyes and mouths on my hooked piece too.  Still unsure about the duck's feet but just might do that too ...just for Magdalena!

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Oh I know all too well the crippling fear of failure when hooking in foreign territory. I'm not sure I would change the eyes to red. I like yours better. But it's your rug.

  2. Magdalena is looking good. But back to the beer mugs....I have been diligently facing my fear of the hit and miss border so buck up princess and show me how to hook a beer mug!

  3. Kim has been on a roll lately with her comments to you!
    I like the subtle changes you've made.
    Hugs :)

  4. This is turning out to be a beautiful rug !
    Nice work, as always ;)


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