Thursday, July 14, 2016

After the Rain Came

Earlier today when I glanced at the thermostat it read 101 degrees outside.  Now remember there is water everywhere STILL so think of steaming water on the stove and how that would feel being surrounded by it.  Even tho I've an A/C it is still humid in the house.

This morning I pulled a few more loops on Ned and then switched to my grandson's sport's rug.  After all, it is inevitable that I'll have to tackle the more narrow loops than #8.5 for the Red Skins logo.  Not looking forward to this part but will do my best.  Yeah, can do it because if I can hook two Rotties in #3 and have teeth and tongue look real can handle a Red Skins logo.
Today my next door neighbor told me that there was 10.3" of rain dumped on this section of Seaford in 4 hours.  Yesterday I posted pictures of my yard and while the water has receded from the mailbox building the mosquito nesting area is still here.  Just hope there are plenty of frogs to feast on the mosquitoes yet to come.

Have a good evening everyone and wish this humidity and heat would subside and could send some to those dry areas which wish they had some rain.



  1. we can sure use the rain here...but you can keep that heat/humidity combo...visiting my sister in New Orleans once was awful! just get that Red Skin behind you...

  2. I'm not too far from Kelley. Not sure if she got any rain, but we had a storm come through last evening but we need lots more. I can't imagine 10+" in that short amount of time. Were you ready to build an ark?
    I'm sure your Redskin logo will be down tout de suite and you'll be back to Ned.
    Hugs :)

  3. Sorry for your flooding and heat. We could use a bit of your rain here....we are in a drought....but not 10+ inches! Great project on the grandson's rug. The end is in site.

  4. Hope it gets cooler there,,, its been hot here too,,,, cooling down soon,,, wow,, all that floodjng,,, take care,,,,

  5. we have been dry but have started to get storms and rain so we are in good shape I think. but it is super hot for us not 101 but 90"s and humid and we have no air conditioning so we are toughing it out. I hope it breaks this weekend.

  6. Thats alot of rain. I have the hardest time with humid weather. Hopefully things will dry out.cheri


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