Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Finish

Yippee, one down and one to go.  Finished binding Simple Gifts, a design by Karen Kahle which was hooked with Barb Carroll in May.  I love the direction Barb took me in the hooking.  
It was a collaboration between us ~ I told her my choice of light background, darker border and left the rest to her.  Damn but we made a good team!!!!  And of course you know with Barb there is always some purple.
Even stitched a label to the back which has a picture of the rug shown on Primitive Spirit's web site.  

Now to the weather here.  If you're a follower of my blog you know about the 10 plus inches of rain here recently.  Yesterday there were more downpours and more rain coming thru Tuesday next week.

This is what my backyard and Ben's backyard looks like now....again.

Mosquitoes will be in heaven once again; but me and Ben not so much. And YES, I give Ben the flea/tick ointment to protect him.

Obviously the grass can't be cut with all this water so it will continue to grow or rot until wind or sun has diminished it.  Sure wish I could send some of you in drought and fire zones some of my water.  My only saving grace is that I'm thinking / hoping that maybe this means there won't be as much snow here this winter since there was so much rain this summer.

Have a great weekend and hope you are able to stay dry and cool.



  1. Love the rug, and the colors!
    Hope you dry out soon, poor Ben!

  2. I love your rug but you are the master they always look so great.
    We could use some of that rain because our winter was so mild we started the year down in water.

  3. Bound AND labeled! You go girl. Looks wonderful.
    Sure wish you could send us some of that water!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. You keep that positive attitude (wish) about all your moisture.

  5. Love that rug and I did a similar one with a noah's ark, still need to bind it.
    I need to go through all my rugs and things to see what I never finished;)



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