Wednesday, July 13, 2016

TESTING 1, 2, 3

While pulling loops on my grandson's rug pondered what to do with sweet Ned ~ those triangle sections along a border.  That 'thinking' process made me wonder how it would look IF I outlined those triangles with a gold wool.  Then it would bring the gold color of the horse and the gold border together.  
On the photo above I placed a gold strip of wool along the top and left side.  Also hooked in gold along the top left triangle and used the purple predominant wool as the center. 

On the top right corner where the grey texture was hooked I've now decided I don't like that light color in a triangle at all.  The blue isn't offensive to me but surely that light grey is.  Hmm, am critically looking at the butterfly and flower inside now.....  That is where my eyes go and those are NOT the focal point of this rug.  Oh my.....

So now I've to decide:

~ what color or colors to hook in those 6 triangles.  
~ do I use the gold outside line for those triangles
~ what color if any do I change the inside of the butterfly and flower

Me thinks this was a SHORT recess and my grandson's rug will be on my frame again soon until I figure out what to do to make Ned a worthy steed.

Meanwhile, today in Seaford there was close to 10" of rain fall.   As soon as the torrential rains stopped I went outside to take pictures.
 Above is the view from my garage to the shed.  That water also encroaches into Ben's back yard.  
 A picture from my garage and toward my neighbor's backyard also filled with water.
Although I was sure I'd not be able to access my mail box decided to drive down to see what it looked like.  Yup, entrance to the development as well as the roadway across the bridge is flooded.
This is the right side and to the right is a small bridge which crosses a creek which is overflowing and running across the highway.
Okay, this is Ben's back yard from the back of the house toward the shed, a photo shown previously from the garage.
Here is Ben's backyard and toward the wooded part of my property from the left side of my back deck.  So much water and thousands of deafening sounds from frogs communicating.

Ahhh, one thing my ex taught me from his years in military is... "where there are frogs, there is water".  Every time I hear the croaking of a frog I am reminded of that.

Yet, if you look at this and what has happened elsewhere with flooding, I'm lucky.  BTW, I noticed an orb or two in one of my photos.  I'm wondering if that is my guardian angel or family.  Yeah, I'm sure most of you don't believe that gobbly gook, but I do.  Each time I see an orb in a photo wonder who is with me.  In case you're wondering which photo, it is the one from my garage toward my neighbor.   There are actually two round circles.  One bright and one below that which is another.

Have a wonderful evening.  We each choose how we wish to live.  I choose to be happy and try my best to spread that.  Someday I'll tell you a story about what I wanted to be as a 15 year old girl in my small home town.  A story told to the local police.    



  1. Oh, you tease. You sure have piqued my curiosity.
    That's a LOT of water. I sure wish you'd share some with northern Ohio. We are D-R-Y. Chance of rain tonight. Sure hope we get some.
    Hugs :)

  2. Oh I hope your water recedes quickly. We are sooooooooo dry here in NO. Ohio, might get some rain tonight and maybe tomorrow. Don't want what you got, but a couple of inches would be nice.

    Good luck with Ned.

  3. Do you also see orbs 2 photos down? I love your rug as is, btw.

  4. I like the gold outline, think it pulls the colors together.
    You did get a lot of rain, we are in a dry zone, so it takes a lot of rain to get puddles in the yard.


  5. We are looking at the same sight - flooding EVERYWHERE !! That was a lot of rain we had !!

  6. Hi Saundra,
    I love the gold you added and know you will come up with the perfect blend for your rug, as you always do!! What we would give to have some of that rain in AZ!!! On my walk today at 6AM, it was 90 degrees already!! I would gladly send some sunshine your way if I could!!!
    Enjoy your day staying inside and hooking!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. LOVE the gold you added and the upper left corner with the purple!!!
    As I read those begging for rain and you being surrounded by it all I can think of is how Mother Nature seems to be feast or famine. Wish she'd get her hormones settled and share nicely with everyone.


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