Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Need Another Break!!

Alrighty then....so I took a break to think about going forward with Ned. But now am getting bored with hooking background on my grandson's rug so need another break.  Hey... you hookers must agree that background CAN get boring....right??  Between time I've considered options for the border of Ned and have a few ideas creeping thru my cranium.  
Meanwhile, tonight I'll pull a few more loops on Zach's rug and tomorrow will work on Ned.  One thing for sure (I think) is that Zach's rug will be done by Christmas.  In the event I run out of the blue background I will shorten the dimensions of the rug to make it work.  

Oh my.... soon the Red Skins logo needs to be hooked and it will be a more narrow cut than the Oriole logo.  Now THAT is what I'm dreading. So once the Red Skins logo is hooked it will be easy sailing.

Have a great evening and GOD BLESS the police officers in DALLAS and elsewhere who rush toward the sounds of gun fire to protect the innocent and gave up their lives in the process.  



  1. ALL lives matter. So scary for our policemen!!! I hope this is not the beginning of a race war.

  2. You said the "C" word. Shame on you!!!

  3. Looking good!!! My husband was a Deputy and Jail Administrator for 26 yrs. after retiring from the Army. There are a lot of good officers out there just trying to do their jobs. Thanks for caring. Oh, by the way, the rug is looking good, and best of all, nearly finished.

  4. Your rug looks great,,,,, gettjng there,,,,,
    Bless those police officers, , so sad,,,,,, take care,,,,

  5. I don't envy you the Red Skins logo...you're a wonderful gran for hooking this...the situation in our country with people targeting the police is heartbreaking...they put their lives on the line for us everyday...hugs


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