Saturday, July 9, 2016

Eat Crow & Secret Hooking

A follower commented that the first crow rug on a previous post was her favorite.  That pattern would be Eat Crow, by Ann Hallett.  When I purchased my pattern it came from Rittermere-Hurst in Canada.  Sorry, but I don't know where that pattern could be purchased now.
So this was Rose's favorite... now check out that oatmeal background which has darkened with use for sure.  
This is the reverse side of the rug.  So you're wondering what the big deal is, right?  Well before I learned how to hook secret messages that were legible reading from the flipped rug, I learned how to do secret messages which were camouflaged and only the hooker knew it was there. 
This is what I would see if I stood in front of a mirror.  It is the hidden word Panzer in the upper left corner of the rug above the crow's head. This rug was for my crow-chasing thought he would sprout wings goofy Rottweiler.

But that technique could also be used if you didn't want your initials and date to show up in front, but that info would be detected from the back.  OR, you could just hook that information in the front using the same background wool.  

For me it was just a fun experiment and something I thought I'd share with you.  

Happy Saturday.



  1. That is a fun idea and a way to put something in a rug that is more muted but there so the recipient knows the message is for them. I have hooked shapes in my rugs, but mostly by accident, lol. I tend to just go wherever my hands take me and sometimes it forms a shape.


  2. Well aren't you the clever one!

  3. I have heard of that before maybe I need to give it a try.

  4. great definitely going to give it a go too!

  5. Never heard of that one....thanks!


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