Sunday, July 3, 2016

Couch Potato Hooking

Yesterday I trimmed tree branches, pulled up those horrid thorny things which grow into tree like structures and have roots like squid tentacles. Even tho weather was mild I got hot working in the sun.  Today's plans were to cut grass BUT.... it rained overnight and into part of the morning so was too wet to cut.

Oh my, what is a woman to do but sit, hook and watch recorded movies on TV?  Yes, it did clear up and Ben got his walks but other than Ben I've been a total vegetable all day.  So you are wondering what I accomplished???
As you can see my primitive dark background has numerous dark wool even flat black which seems to really stand out.  So does married wool which has red, blue or green in it.  That's fine with me because in person it isn't as noticeable as it is in the photo above.

Oh, in case you're wondering or in case you can tell.... the red corner was the #2 wool photo in the previous post.

Tomorrow is Independence Day and not sure what the weather will be but Ben's backyard and the rest of the yard really does need to be cut. Maybe I won't be that couch potato tomorrow.  

Sure wish I had a gardener, a house cleaner and a healthy cook on staff so that all I had to do was walk my boy Ben and hook.  Boy what a life that would be.  

OH... add a helper to keep my wool room tidy.  Now that would be a help too.  Hmmm, bet I have sweet dreams tonight of what I've wished for.

Have a great evening and hope you have a safe, fun filled and happy 4'th tomorrow.



  1. What a coincidence, I want all those things too. Bet we have the same odds of getting them. Lol

  2. I did that today, was planting flower bushes and the roots were all over the place and then I dug into an ant colony so had to dig deeper to get them all out, not fun. By the time night comes, I am too tired to do much but goof off;)


  3. Ned is coming along nicely, sure love enlarging the photo to see the wool detail...I'd like all those things too! house cleaner and furniture re-arranger at the top of my chances are the same as your and Kim's...

  4. Love ur mat,,, sweet,,, I know what u mean,,,,, tho I am lucky,,,, my husband cooks,,,, I am spoiled,,, we both do the gardens,, I have time to hook,,,,, have a wonderful july 4th,,,!!

  5. Ned is looking great. That's my favorite prim black background with all of those deep colors added. Much prefer that to just a plaid. I have a housekeeper every two helps... But with four dogs and a husband it isn't enough.


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